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  1. Cave_Dweller

    Tamiya Sd. Kfz. 222

    Thanks for taking a look at this thing, which had been my longest standing shelf queen at nearly 5 years I think! And to think it was 80% complete, all I had to do was finish the PE brass and do some weathering, but I just couldn't. I can't explain why either, but this model just fatigued me...
  2. Cave_Dweller

    Bandai 1/12 Boba Fett

    Hey all, here's my entry for the 2016 BSC. I haven't ever done a large scale figure, so this will be fun.
  3. Cave_Dweller

    Ma. K Luna Pawn 1/20

    So this was a little spontaneous build I decided to do. The build was very fast on this guy, but I'm slowing down now since I decided to do a diorama base. Kind of a basic kit and the rubbery joints DO NOT hold any kind of paint, even primer. So posing him is causing a lot of damage that I'll...
  4. Cave_Dweller

    Yet Another Millenium Falcon (YAMF) Finemolds 1/72

    Bought this beauty a while back, saving it for a special occasion. I figure now is a great time to build it. This has been quite a complex build with hundreds of tiny, delicate little pieces. Happy to report that only a few were lost in the abyss between the wall and my desk! Finemolds did an...
  5. Cave_Dweller

    Haunted house diorama...a little late for Halloween

    Hello SMA, it's been a long time since I've posted. I started working on this kit last September and just kinda pushed it to the side in favor of other stuff. It's a Moebius Models HO scale kit of the house at 1313 Mockingbird lane, from the Munsters TV show. It was pretty easy to put together...
  6. Cave_Dweller

    Air HC3 Merlin

    Category: Air Name of Build: HC3 Merlin Kit manufacturer: Airfix Scale: 1/48 Description This is the Royal Air Force version of the Augusta-Westland EH-101 medium-lift helicopter. Considered to be an advanced helicopter featuring a composite material airframe, innovative rotor...
  7. Cave_Dweller

    Airfix HC3 Merlin - FINISHED!

    This is the coolest looking helicopter I've ever seen. Something about it just fascinated me, and I used to be into flight sims and had this in MS flight sim and I just thought it was bad ass all around. So, when I saw the airfix kit, I just had to have it. Thanks to ECH for a good deal on it...
  8. Cave_Dweller

    Spray booths

    Hey guys, before the BSC starts I'd like to build a spray booth, as I've been using a cardboard box up to this point to catch my overspray and paint dust and I'd like something nicer, and also one that could vent fumes outside (especially for paints like Alclad). My desk is set up right by a...
  9. Cave_Dweller


    Anyone going to this this year? I've heard its amazing, pretty much THE convention for sci fi modelers and stuff like that. Seems like it also has an excellent model competition at it's heart. I'm seriously considering going, especially since it's at the end of the BSC, and seems like a lot of...
  10. Cave_Dweller

    Diorama disaster!

    So I'm trying my hand at making a 'nicer' diorama base that simply painting it black. I'm using these pre-routered pine bases from hobby lobby. I sanded it up and this time actually stained it with minwax, which looked very nice. I had assumed at this point the minwax would make an impermeable...
  11. Cave_Dweller

    Eldar jets

    I'm a 40k nut and build lots of wargaming stuff, which I mainly post on Dakka Dakka, but I thought I'd share these here since I've picked up most of these painting techniques from this site! These are some Dark Eldar and Eldar jets for a new army I'm working on. For once I went for a very...
  12. Cave_Dweller

    Badger Khrome vs. Velocity?

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to get a fine detail airbrush, something that can paint smaller lines and targets than my Badger Patriot. I was looking at both these, which seem to be touted as detail airbrushes. Aside from price, with the Velocity being $76 and the Khrome being $130 on Amazon, I'm not...
  13. Cave_Dweller

    WW2 In Color

    So, I'm not a huge fan of WW2, but a friend gave me this documentary and I finally started watching it. I know the basic history, but not the details. This is old footage that has been colorized with modern computer techniques, narrated by some British guy, and put into a concise package of 13...
  14. Cave_Dweller

    Ma. K 1/35 Lunadiver Stingray

    Well this bad boy has been in the stash for far too long, and now it's time to tackle it! Big kit, lots of details, all awesome.
  15. Cave_Dweller

    1/24 GMC Pickup w/ snow plow

    Well here's my entry for the automotive category. I thought this was cool, and especially since it's winter here I see lots of trucks like this all over. Scale Model Addict Big Spring Contest by FreakOnaut, on Flickr Scale Model Addict Big Spring Contest by FreakOnaut, on Flickr
  16. Cave_Dweller

    How to make dents in a car body?

    So, I've actually been wanting to try something different from the Sci fi stuff I usually favor. I bought a GMC plow truck and I really wanted to beat it up. I was thinking a dented, beat up, corroded body would look good. Not sure how to achieve this effect. I was thinking tin foil perhaps...
  17. Cave_Dweller

    Ma. K Groberhund

    Well, I was totally stoked to see this bad boy on the shelves at my local hobby shop, and bought it immediately. It's been in the stash for a while and now that I've got an airbrush, I decided it was time to build it. This is a very detailed kit, with a large number of very well made (and...
  18. Cave_Dweller

    Airbrush woes at altitude

    So, I live at 8500 ft above sea level (colorado) and I've always had issues with paint drying very fast with brush painting techniques. I paint a lot of miniatures and use a lot of fine tipped brushes with minimal amounts of very thinned paints. Sometimes paint dries in less and a minute on...
  19. Cave_Dweller

    UFO diorama (ship from Land of the Giants)

    Ello again, here's another diorama I recently completed. This is the ship from Land of the Giants. Never seen that movie, but it was an inexpensive and fun little kit to build, and seemed to me very near HO scale, so I combined it with some relics from my childhood model train set! Hope you enjoy!
  20. Cave_Dweller

    Brocken Labor

    Hey guys, been working hard the last few weeks to tie up loose ends and complete projects I started and later abandoned. This is one of those. The mech I painted years and years ago, and was one of my first forays into extreme weathering and damage. All done with acrylics. Later I decided to...