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    Five years, 3 days

    Wow. It's been five years and three days since my last post. In that time I've had two jobs, my mother and brother passed away and currently unemployed due to quarantine, among other things. But I've been able to do a lot of models to keep me busy and sane during these odd times and thought I...
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    Model contest advice

    I am thinking about submitting some models to a local model show in the OOB category. I was curious about some things. 1. Do show officials get to handle the models or is it strictly hands off? Do they look at the bottom?? 2. Are display cases usually required?? What about labels with info...
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    Advice for painting canopy

    I have an old partially built Otaki 1/48 scale P-47D kit that was part of a lot on eBay. I want to finish this one off but after inspection of the parts I find the entire interior cockpit assembly is missing. My first thought was maybe I could paint the inside of the clear canopy and windshield...
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    1/35 Dragon ZSU-23-4M Shilka

    Thank you for your compliments! One of the big changes is that I didn't use an airbrush at all on the Shilka. I did use a spray can primer, but everything else was hand painted. I also used a lot more water based paints for the initial colors as well as weathering, although I am still using...
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    1/35 Dragon ZSU-23-4M Shilka

    Returning to modelbuilding and this message board after about a year-and-a-half off due to getting a 'real job'. Recently my hours were cut and shifted so I have more time to get back to models and other things. As usual, this is a straight out the box build but I've been trying out a totally...
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    Iwata LPH80

    I got a brand new Iwata LPH80 spray gun as part of a lot on eBay. I know these larger spray guns are for automotive work, but is it possible/feasible to use it indoors like in an apartment?? Is it even appropriate to use on 1/35 scale armor?? Or would that be like using a napalm bomb to...
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    Instructions for Flakpanzer T-34

    GREAT!!! Thanks!!! Wow! There's a lot more involved than just plopping the AAA onto the chassis. (:^O
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    Instructions for Flakpanzer T-34

    Does anyone have instructions for a Dragon/Cyberhobby Flakpanzer T-34?? I happen to have an incomplete Tamiya T-34 kit and a built Flakvierling AAA lying around and was thinking of combining the two. But I need to see how the gun was attached to the chassis and I thought the instructions from...
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    Thanks for your comments! Yes, a black foam layer and the thin blue layer has an adhesive and stretches to make a tight seal to keep the airbrushed paint out. Yes. I just happen to have a ton of Pz IV variants sitting around and I am hoping that the quickmask will fit good enough on most of...
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    Maybe this should be in the painting forums?? Anyways, I am building a Tamiya Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf. D OOB and I bought a Quickmask for a Dragon Brummbar. I figured that since the chassis and wheels were very similar that the mask would work despite the different model brands. This turned out to be...