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    4 door 1967 inpala

    Hi i am looking for a 4 door 1967 inpala kit i am in Australia
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    g'day from geelong

    Hi i completed my Italeri 1:72 Ju-87 B-2/R-2 Stuka not happy with it but it is ok for my first one in 27 years Now i am on to a Bell 47G Sioux with (ADF) Decals
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    Sludge wash

    Hi can i use Humbrol Weathering Powder (Smoke) for Sludge wash if yes is water the way to mix it thank you for the help
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    g'day from geelong

    yes i got my eyes on Figures but got to up the skills first.
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    g'day from geelong

    Hi my name is ian I am geting back into scale modeling this year after about 27 years. Will be going for, Aircraft probably and by the way i do not say alot in my replys.