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    Bandai 1/72 Tie fighter

    Straight OOB. Painted with Tamiya colours. I left the glass out because I liked the studio model feel like some of the others who made this kit already. I thought it came out pretty nice. Sorry about the average photo quality. It seems I cant take decent photos...
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    Tamya Panel Line Accent

    The Tamiya Panel Line Accent makes plastic brittle. So much so that I've had some parts of models literally fall apart. Is there an alternative I can use ??
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    Enterprise E reference library, Star Trek First Contact
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    1/48 Bandai Hobuggy

    Yep, its a kit made in 1983... it's not good.. but I had to build it as I built one a LOOOOooong time ago... I scratched a seat for the pilot (driver?) out of sprue and putty, with a styrene sheet edge to tidy it up. I added some shock absorbers to the legs. I'm added foot pegs for the pilot (...
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    Bandai (no scale) Starblazers Ship

    First up, Apologies for the quality of some of the pictures, and secondly, if anyone can tell me what this is called, I'd be grateful...its all Japanese on the Box Art. I opened the bow up and added vanes. It was only about 5mm deep before the mod. I opened up the bow ventral intake...
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    Dental Tools for Plastic kits

    I have a friend who is a dentist.. Today I found out he has a box of old ( but clean ) tools. He can send me some tools. Does anyone have any themselves that are worth getting hold of? I know dental picks are fairly good for scribing with..
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    Bandai (no scale) Space Battleship Yamato

    My first attempt at such a tiny model and my first use of an airbrush The only changes i made was to make the Wave Motion Gun deeper. The original moulding was only about 3mm deep. i couldnt get anything to fit in the front of the hull, so I filled the tip with scuplting plasticine, pushed a...
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    Bandai Ver Ka 1/100

    Built straight OOB. This may raise a few eyebrows, but no glue or paint was harmed in the construction of this model. ( yep, no glue or paint ). Also, not liking the shiny new finish they favour on the box art, I washed with Tamiya black panel line accent and wiped off the excess with spirits...
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    Airbrush question

    Hasing never used an airbrush before, I have a question regarding clear coats.. Specifically... Do you thin Tamiya Clear coats? if so, by how much?
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    Bandai 1/100 Attack Tomahawk

    The second one of the two kits I bought reaaallly cheap... The fit wasn't flash, I have to say that up front.. As usual for me, built straight out of the box, except for the aluminium tube near the head. Its a bit(a lot) too big, but its what I had...
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    WW II from the russian side. some amazing photos
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    Bandai 1/100 Phalanx

    Reissue of the 1/100 Bandai Missile Phalanx. 120mm of missiley fun.. Thought I'd post some pics of my build which isn't quite finished yet, needs more weathering and a matt finish I tried out a few new techniques I learnt from reading the Tips/Tricks section here.. photos aren't the best, but...
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    Star Wars Jawa Sandcrawler

    Does anyone know where I can source some plan views or build guides ( or something of the like ) for a Jawa Sandcrawler from Star Wars ?
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    (Sort of ) new back into the Hobby

    *RANT BEGIN* I'm amazed. When I first started building, a decent paint job was good enough to elevate you to the top of the leaderboard. Nowadays, its a good build, an extraordinary paint job/weathering/shading etc/(I don't even know what else), lighting, etc to get you anywhere near the lofty...
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    This crosses the boundaries of Model/expensive toy
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    Has anyone heard of it ? Where can I get it ?
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    Downed aircraft during the Battle of Britain

    Some very interesting pics here...
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    Newly discovered photos from the Vietnam war

    some pretty interesting pics in here...
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    Teeny Tiny ( 1/2" ) Millenium Falcon

    Check out this guys site for other tiny SW papercraft
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    1/1 scale Tusken Raider Gaffi Stick

    I needed a gaffi stick to go with my Tusken Raider.. I started with a 'Rubies' brand gaffi stick prop. Strangely, they are the only prop maker officially licensed by Lucasfilm... They also make the worst quality products.. :P This is what you are supposed to be paying for.. This is what you...