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    1/35 Tamiya Chieftain Mk. 5 from CFB Suffield, 1970's

    Canadian Forces Base Suffield is located in the southeastern tip of the Province of Alberta, in Canada. It's the largest Army training area in the entire Commonwealth. In 1971, the British Army started using the base for extensive armoured and infantry training, and has been there ever since...
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    1/48 Revell A-10 warthog

    I picked this up with a 50% off coupon on Saturday when the local Michael's craft store didn't have any airbrush cleaner in stock; I couldn't let that coupon go to waste. I got it for $15 CDN, which works out to about $12 USD. To my surprise, it has raised rivets and panel lines. After doing...
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    1/144 Revell Boeing 747-400 "Ed Force One" FINISHED

    I got inspired to build an airliner recently, and found the motivation necessary to see it through: turn it into Iron Maiden's personal tour airliner, Ed Force One. I have listened to these guys since I started high school, and learned to play drums by listening to their classic albums: Live...
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    1/32 Kinetic CF-18 Hornet complete!

    I'm starting a new project for the new year. This is Kintetic's re-box of the giant Academy 1/32 F/A-18 Hornet. It has the decals for one of the planes at the nearest Air Force fighter squadron, 409 Sqn in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. I'm chucking some Aries resin cockpit, exhausts, and Rhino...
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    1/35 Star Wars Command figure paint-ups

    I bought several of these Star Wars-themed plastic army men playsets, for the purpose of decorating my Christmas tree. They have some okay detail, but they are molded in a single monochrome color. You had to look extremely carefully to see and really appreciate what they were. This year, I'm...
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    Bandai 1/12 C-3PO

    After spending a day out with Master Luke trying to find some annoying R2 unit who ran away... Weathered only with acrylics; the oils and enamels do nasty things to Bandai plastic.
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    Bandai TIE Fighter from ESB

    So, I have done some other modelling on the side as I work on the never-ending DeAgostini behemoth Falcon. Just to keep me fresh and interested... Instead of the medium gray tone of the ANH TIE's, I opted for the bluer ESB look. It was a custom mix of Dark Sea Gray, Royal Blue, and a...
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    Bulk X-Acto blades in Canada

    I'm looking for the best value for the dollar. I do prefer xacto style blades and handles, as opposed to utility knives with snap off blades. I'd like to get some #11 blades, and #2 giant blades for my new favourite crafting knife. Is $25 CAN shipped for 100 blades a decent deal?
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    Bandai Plastic + Enamel Wash = ?

    My TIE Fighter build was almost finished. It was coated in Future acrylic gloss, ready for a pin wash. I used AK NATO enamel wash (to rub, move around, and wash the enamels away with turpenoid thinners without disturbing the acrylic paints underneath). That's when parts started cracking. I've...
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    Lead Wire source for detailing

    I just picked up this tip, and I thought I would share the wealth. Rather than buying lead wire from modelling retailers for $$$, you can buy spools of it from in their fishing: fly-tying materials section. It's used as an alternative thread for winding and bulking up flys. The...
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    Hello again from Alberta

    It's been too long since I hung around here, but I got myself a couple kits to get me back into the hobby. I just started my DeAgostini Millennium Falcon build thread, and I already have a few irons in the fire regarding half-finished, mostly finished and one just-started kit. Cheers!
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    Necro's Deagostini Millennium Falcon Build

    Good day, addicts! I committed to DeAgostini's Studio Scale 32" Falcon 2 year subscription. You can read LordSatyr8's build thread for his Deagostini Falcon if you're unfamiliar with it. My second month of parts is getting delivered any day now, so here's what I've been working on with the...
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    ESB Boba Fett Helmet & Costume

    Hey everyone, I took a year-long hiatus from scale modeling to work on a costume. I feel like it used almost every bit of my scale modeling skill to pull off, and I even picked up a few tricks here and there to supplement my return to the hobby. Here he is... See you all on the boards!
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    1/72 Airfix Sea Harrier FRS.1

    I started this in the 2011-2012 winter group build, but I never did finish it. It got shelved in favor of the spring contest build that I did complete. I though that I would get it out of the way before moving on with my Merkava. You can find the original thread here...
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    Removing Decal Film

    So I decided to rescue a Harrier I started in last winter's Group Build from the old shelf of doom. I just finished decaling the little guy, but I find that some of the decals have a lot of carrier film still showing through. I applied Micro Set and Micro Sol, as I saw fit, to get the decals...
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    Tamiya Merkava Mk 1

    Well, I'm moving my contest build to the shelf of doom for a while, just to get it off my mind. Here's my next build... Saw this in my LHS for only $30, so I picked it up. What the heck, a Tamiya tank kit for that cheap?! Can't go wrong there! And the most painful part is already half-done...
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    AFV Club decal emergency!!! WTH?!!

    Can someone give me a hand with these AFV club decals for my contest build? Specifically, what's with the tissue paper they sealed over the decal sheet for? Do I remove it before decaling, or keep it on and then wait until the decal dries on the model, then peel it off? The decaling...
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    Gr. 11 Art Class project: Elven Spearmen

    One of the more unique things I get to do with my Grade 11 art students is this little project. I started this last year as their introduction to acrylic painting. I had them paint up a troop of GW Warhammer elven spearmen, a box set I found from a guy on Kijiji for cheap. As a matter of...
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    Wanted: Norton Commando motorbike

    Looking for the Airfix/Heller kit from the late 1970's (not the Arado racing version kit) as a build for my dad for Father's Day. None to be found on EvilBay (that would ship to Canada, at least). If you have it in your stash and want to part with it for a reasonable price, PM me.
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    AFV Club M1126 Stryker

    Here's my contest entry for the Armour category... AFV Club Stryker ICV, a resin stowage set from Legend Resin, a PE & detail set from Griffon Models, and AFV Club's Stryker periscope sticker set. I'll be planning the build and starting sometime today. Happy modelling and good luck...