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    Niki Lauda's Ferrari 312T F1 car from the biopic Rush, Hasegawa 1/20 kit

    Started this build last week and figured it was time to post some pics... The Kit is Hasegawa's greatly detailed Ferrari 312T "1975 Monaco GP Winner" in 1/20. Comes with markings for both team cars, Niki Lauda #12 winning entry, and Clay Regazzoni's #11. The car is featured prominently in Ron...
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    Trumpeter 1/35 Geschützwagen Tiger für 17cm Kanone (or Big Honkin Gun)

    Here's my first entry for the SMA 2013 Big Spring Contest, entering this in the Armor category. This is the Trumpeter 1/35 Geschützwagen Tiger für 17cm Kanone. Its a late WW2 motorized gun carriage capable of carrying the big K72 170mm long range cannon. It could fire a 68kg shell a distance...
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    Not a build yet, but I have a question for the car guys here.

    I was inspired by Scott's widow Maker camaro and now have an idea for a special build of my own... Question for the car modeling guys... Is there a 2011 American muscle car model, preferably Camaro or Challenger available? If not, is there any visual difference between a 2010 and 2011 Camaro SS?
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    PL 1:350 scale Enterprise "A" kit fs with Aztec decals

    Hey guys, Im cross posting this for a good buddy of mine from the ARC forums, I've dealt with him many times. If your interested in the deal, pm me And Ill forward your info to him. he isnt always the fastest to deal with, but he is always reliable...
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    CF-104D Starfighter in 1/48, HAsegawa kit with Leading Edge decals

    I started this kit to give me something to do until my replacement Mustang landing gear arrived. Sorry I didnt take any pictures earlier on. The kit is the Hasegawa 1/48 F-104DJ, to which I've added Aires Lockheed C2 ejection seats and Leading Edge decals. I've always loved the way the CF-104s...
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    Carpet Monster strikes again!!!

    I hate when he sneaks up on you and snatches the tiny clear lenses or minute PE parts.... >:(
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    Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, ep1 is now online

    Hey all, I just found out episode one of the Battlestar Galactica prequel "Blood and Chrome" is now online... Takes place roughly 10 years after the Caprica series and about 30 years before the main series. Will be watching it tonight! "Episode 1" - Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome
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    Dragon 1/32 "early" P-51D Mustang

    Hey guys... Started this kit about a week ago. I am really inspired by a bunch of great /32 Mustang builds happening now at ARC by a number of builders. Been slow going but I finally have enough pics to show a little progress. The kit is Dragon's 1/32 P-51D-5NA kit (P-51D Early Production), to...
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    Need aftermarket NASCAR decals. Where's a good place to look?

    Hey Y'all , I dont normally build NASCAR kits but I've been given a kit by an old friend, a '97 (I think) Revell Cartoon Network Chevy Monte Carlo. The kit itself looks pretty nice but the decal sheet is in bad shape, not that I was ever a fan of the Cartoon Network cars anyways. Where would be...
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    震電 "Magnificent Lightning" Kyūshū J7W1 Shinden 1/48 Hasegawa

    Reserving this space... Since I have a few other builds for other GBs and special themes, I needed to decide on a build quickly for the '46+ GB. This should be a fairly straight forward build, hopefully lightning quick.
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    Charlie's ADD build... Dragon 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.N w/Winterketten

    Well, As hinted in my ADD post, here's my newest build, Il be going back and forth between this and whatever else I am/will be working on... lol. I found a great reference post on building this kit start to finish, its inspired me alot. The builder has quite a few reviews and full step by step...
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    Fujimi 1/24 Ferrari F430 Challenge

    I actually stated this kit last year, but had trouble with the Italian red paint I was using so I set it aside to concentrate on other builds. Not much was done really, the interior parts were painted but not detailed or decaled yet, seat was primed, roll cage built, chassis parts and window...
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    Good thing I have a sense of humor...

    How's this for irony? The plaque I won at last weekends model show for best military model just fell over onto the very model that earned me that award, the F-16I Sufa... ::) Knocked a few pylons loose and as well as some of the ordnance, that can be fixed easy enough, did crack the main...
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    Model builders' ADD

    Well a month ago I was totally on the other end of the spectrum but today... I think I have modeler's attention deficit disorder, a condition often associated with AMS (Advanced Modelers Syndrom) and MH (Model Hoarding), both of which I suffer from as well. I am not even halfway done with the...
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    New tooled Airfix 1/72 P-51D Mustang "Tuskegee Airmen"

    Forgive me if its been mentioned before, a fellow member at ARC and also Britmodeller got his new 1/72 Airfix Mustang today, and it looks like a real gem. A couple of surprises for me are the correct depth wheel wells, and positionable flaps and rudder. Nice interior detail too. And best of all...
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    Tamiya 1/24 Ferrari Testarossa

    After the great Mosquito Fail of 2012, I decided it was time for me to get back to basics. So I considered several kits in the stash and I kept coming back to this one, the 1/24 Tamiya Ferrari Testarossa. This is the exact same kit that brought me back into model building 22 years ago. back then...
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    How many kits do you have on the go and how do you keep focused?

    I am really beginning to lose steam, got so many projects on the go right now, some with deadlines, others dont. Wondering if Im spreading myself too thin. So, How many kits do you have on the go right npow, and how do you keep yourselves focused? Im haveing a hard time doing that myself right...
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    BSC '12 1/48 Revell Mosquito B Mk. IV

    Not ready to start just yet, but very soon I will be. My intended first entry for the 2012 Big Spring Contest will be the Revell Germany 1/48 Mosquito B Mk. IV in the markings of Wing Commander Guy Gibson's (DFC, DSO, VC) 627 Sqn Mosquito Mk.XX (serial number KB267). Wing Commander Gibson...
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    1/48 HAsegawa CF-18, 439 Sqn "Tigermeet" markings.

    Hi All, back at it. I decided to go back to my comfort zone for a bit and build an F/A-18 Hornet, I have built a number of these over the years in several scales, all but one of them were done in Canadian Markings and this one is no exception. the kit is the Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18C which I will...
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    New Armor Modeling site

    From the man that brought us ARC come ARC/Armor, ARC is one of the best Air Modeling sites on the web, and its Armor wing has lots of potential too. Come have a look... Steve is looking for gallery and article submissions and product reviews too. Come see what you think...