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  1. sunsanvil

    1/32 Kinetic CF-18 Hornet complete!

    Re: 1/32 Kinetic CF-18 Hornet Really really boss!
  2. sunsanvil

    Warlord Games Bolt Action: Plastic Fallschirmjager

    This is 1:48? I thought Bolt Action was designed around 1:72 (have yet to get a copy). Regardless, exquisite work.
  3. sunsanvil

    Sherman M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" Paper Model

    What you do with paper...continues to amaze and inspire.
  4. sunsanvil

    I really want to like Vallejo paints

    This. So very much this. Like most of us here I've been using, and helping others use, the entire Vallejo line for about a decade now... and out of that experience I would say that better than 9 in 10 complaints related to airbrushing issues are not the thinning, not the pressure, not the...
  5. sunsanvil

    Our New Sexy Girl Alice secret 90mm Releasing

    Looks sharp, but to be honest I would pass on this one. The pose is a little should I say...."fashion shoot" for my taste? And hair would be nice...
  6. sunsanvil

    Millennium Falcon Paper Model with Cockpit

    Cliché though it may sound, all I can think of to say is HOLY CRAP THIS IS COOL!
  7. sunsanvil

    NATO's LanceR- a Romanian MiG 21MF in 1/48

    Ever so slightly OT, but is that a Ottlite on your workbench? Love the long neck on it. Which model may I ask?
  8. sunsanvil

    the SS Rabid Empanada -- a spontaneous scritash

    Creativity at its purest. I love it. Looks like it could have been in Jodorowsky's Dune (...if it had been made that is).
  9. sunsanvil

    Academy MH 60s. 1/35 scale

    Every once and a while a build-log comes along which really causes me to stop and take note. This is one such build. You obviously have an unusually deep knowledge of the copter. Please keep posting (and watch you white balance on the camera).
  10. sunsanvil

    How To: Tanslucent Green Canopy glass?

    Yea even though they are quite a bit thinner than the rest of the line, they are still rather heavily pigmented. More "translucent" than "transparent". Strait out of the bottle they work well for coloring gems on fantasy miniatures or for creating the nav lights on aircraft, but when it comes...
  11. sunsanvil

    Making decals

    Careful with the laser printer. Even though many decal paper suppliers say you can use a laser printer, there is usually a fine print disclaimer about having to print only "right after" you turn the printer on, or manipulating settings to (try to) reduce the fuser temp....because it will...
  12. sunsanvil

    How To: Tanslucent Green Canopy glass?

    You put on too much too quick. To tint glass with the Vallejo transparents, start by thinning it generously, making sure you have a homogeneous mix. You want to barely "dust" the thing. First pass you should almost wonder if you got anything on at all. Then dry it (at a distance blow only...
  13. sunsanvil

    Startrek Space Dock with Refit 1/1700 scale Paper Model

    One of the coolest things I've seen in modeling for a while...
  14. sunsanvil

    Startrek Space Dock with Refit 1/1700 scale Paper Model

    I've attempted a bit of paper modeling in the past so I know how much work this represents and totally respect. Keep those update coming....
  15. sunsanvil

    Bandai Plastic + Enamel Wash = ?

    Slightly OT but I've worked with a lot of Bandai plastic (Gundams) and am in the habit of wet sanding everything with 1000-1500 in order to dull the otherwise overly smooth plastic (and then washing with soap and water of course). Goes a long way to ensuring (any) paint grabs.
  16. sunsanvil

    Eduard Color PE Flaking Off

    yup. Pretty much same experience.
  17. sunsanvil

    1/48 B-17G Chowhound

    Love me some B-17, large scale even better, and this one promises to go the distance. Keep up the good work! Wish I had the courage to do the 1:32....
  18. sunsanvil

    Respirator question

    For any solvent like lacquer thinner, or even the glycol ether which Tamiya's acrylics are based in, you need an OV cartridge, aka Organic Vapor. All decent respirator brands will offer an OV cartridge (in addition to a myriad other). As for masks, I really recommend the 3M 7500. It used to...
  19. sunsanvil

    1/350 IJN "AKAGI"

    Did you ever consider adding something along these lines?: