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  1. DreamKnight

    Master DK is back!!

    Hope you guys enjoy: Zen Wargaming: How to Paint a Space Marine
  2. DreamKnight

    Memoirs of Adepticon 2012

    Here's my video on Adepticon 2012 last week. It was awesome and fun! :) Memoirs of Adepticon 2012
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    We're rebooting all the Group Builds if you haven't noticed already and this GB is officially closed to do inactivity. Thanks for those that did partake in it though! But there's going to be much better group builds going on right now that has hosts that will have more time to be able to keep...
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    Okee, grabbed something off my shelf and entering this: SMA Contest Entry: Sturmtiger
  5. DreamKnight

    HobbyBoss Dora Rail Gun

    Anyone get their hands on this babe yet? Looks awesome! It'a a bit pricey though.
  6. DreamKnight

    Space Wolves Update and Bretonnians

    From my Wargaming channel: Army Update: Space Wolves & Relook on Bretonnians
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    Hanna Montana? Who does she think she is?

    So I don't have kids, so maybe someone here that does can explain this to me... Don't ask why I'm even watching this movie and I'll withhold any comment about her for another two month as to not feel too creepy. However, let's get to the REALLY important matter in hand and something I plead...
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    Vallejo Questions

    OK, so I really start to dive in tonite to use Vallejo Model Paints.. Let me give you a little background. I bought 5 bottles from ECH about a couple of weeks ago. When they came, they were in my mailbox. Now... I live in L.A. When I say it's cold here, that usually means it's 68f...
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    Tips & Techniques and DIY Videos

    The following is a list of Tips & Techniques and DIY videos in the resources section: Tips & Techniques Filling Gaps with CA Glue Applying Decals with Solutions Dusting with Pastels Pastel Washes Weathering with Pigments Reusing Teabags D.I.Y. Instant turntable for Painting D.I.Y. Sanding Block
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    Welcome to SMAU... Enrollement start now! Please Read First!!

    Welcome to the SMAU forums. This is for those that are new into the hobby or just getting back into it. If you ARE new to the hobby, then this place is for you. This is the start of the SMAU which will be a new section on our new website. Until then, the staff will be establishing the start...
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    Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair 1/48

    This is a video build of the Tamiya 1/48 Vought F4U-1A Corsair Building a Corsair: Tamiya 1/48 - Part 1 & 2: A look at the Kit and Future up the Canopy Building a Corsair: Tamiya 1/48 - Part 3a: Building the Cockpit Building a Corsair: Tamiya 1/48 - Part 3b: Using Photo Etch to Enhance...
  12. DreamKnight

    Learning in Scale Modeling

    So what do you like learning about the most when building a model, making terrain, or painting miniatures?
  13. DreamKnight

    The knowledge gained from building planes

    Ok so I rhymed with the subject there. Building planes, I've come across some really cool information. Things such as the Thatch Weave and the exploits of aces, friendly and enemies alike. I also really love how there seems to be an air of respect among pilots when they are in the sky...
  14. DreamKnight

    What did you learn from building armoured vehicles?

    Ok you're building your tanka nd you run across some pretty neat information about it or the history of it. You remember any moments you thought was cool to share?
  15. DreamKnight

    Any cool facts you'd like to share that you discovered building cars?

    So any car facts or real life history or information you learned from building cars? I know that when a bunch of people get into cars plaster with bumper stickers and drive around really, really fast in a circle it's called RACING. :P I also found that I find it amusing when they crash and...
  16. DreamKnight

    Any knowledge you'd learn while building boats?

    So you learn anything cool in your journey in building boats that pertains to the boat itself or the history of the subject?
  17. DreamKnight

    Any cool facts or things you learned when building terrain?

    So anything you learned about real life when building terrain? I know someone around here (and a few other of us) learned that corn was just corn but is used as a name for other various vegetation.
  18. DreamKnight

    I bet you didn't know that in Star Wars...

    Any cool fact, known and less known, about Star Wars you've read or heard about? :) Lucas got the idea for Chewbacca one morning in the early ’70s while watching his wife, Marcia, drive off in her car. She had their Alaskan malamute, Indiana, (the name sake for Indiana Jones) with her. Lucas...
  19. DreamKnight

    I bet you didn't know that in Star Trek...

    OK, let's share some cool known and unknown facts about Star Trek! Did ya know in First Contact in the Battle of Sector 001 some dude at ILM stuck the Millennium Falcon flying in the background during the battle with the Borg cube?
  20. DreamKnight

    I bet you didn't know that in Lord of the Rings...

    Ok guys, let's compile some stuff about cool facts on Lord of the Rings and share em. I'm sure most of you gonna go google it but what the heck! lol