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  1. Jimi

    Takom T-54B

    i'm thinking about replacemetn tracks for my trumpeter T62, i hear people banging on about Fruil tracks but what about masterclub... are they any good... i know they are cheaper and i did get a bad experience when i used Fruil tracks for my M41 bulldog... they sent out two left tracks instead of...
  2. Jimi

    Trumpeter T62 Mod 1972

    pretty much, yes is the answer to that! i do the painting at home, which is where the kit is now, i'm halfway through covering it with matt black car primer paint
  3. Jimi

    Trumpeter T62 Mod 1972

    The turret is now complete along with all those annoying PE parts as well although i did miss some out due to where i was working at the time. I hope to be giving the kit a coat of primer tomorrow some time.
  4. Jimi

    Takom T-54B

    Looking forward to seeing your work on this kit develope, how does the kit go together, are there any issues?
  5. Jimi

    Trumpeter T62 Mod 1972

    after about a week's worth of work i have managed to get through most of the turret although there are still lots of little items to add on, i hope to have this part finished for the end of this week.
  6. Jimi

    my mpc snowspeeder dio

    Amazing work you've done there with that old kit :o
  7. Jimi

    FSM Tie Fighters

    Well as my dad always says "Don't whine about it, just do something to fix it" So do a fabulous detailed sci-fi build and get them to print; I've seen some of your work so I know you can do it!
  8. Jimi

    Battlestar Galactica Viper and Raider

    Now I get to see the pictures! Those look frakking amazing, did you do the cylons the same way as the colonial pilot?
  9. Jimi

    Solo DL-44 (Rubies)

    Thats a fantastic job you've done there :o
  10. Jimi

    Trumpeter T62 Mod 1972

    well there isn't much else we can do while we wait and i've read a ton of books this year alone... this will be the third kit i will have built this way, this year.
  11. Jimi

    Trumpeter T62 Mod 1972

    yeah building at work isn't easy but it is possible while we wait for the truck to get loaded. but there isn't much room in it as there are two of us in the cab and it doesn't help when you are trying to glue sensitive parts and the truck is rocking from side to side when they load heavy...
  12. Jimi

    Trumpeter T62 Mod 1972

    Ok, so there is a small story attached to this: yes i know, i usually build sci-fi kits and i have a stack of military kits around here so i decided to take one to work with me and sit and build it rather than keep buying books off of ebay, which was costing me even more than model kits. so i'm...
  13. Jimi

    Die Jedi dogs. Bandai Clone Trooper (Blue)

    nope they aren't coming through for me either, that seems to happen to alot of his pictures for me.
  14. Jimi

    Battlestar Galactica Viper and Raider

    just not seeing any images coming through here, sorry mate.
  15. Jimi

    Gold Leader Y-Wing (aka Tie Killer)

    looking good !
  16. Jimi

    GoT The Hound

    Wonderful work you've done there! They must have made the bust based on his appearance in the first series as they reduced the size of the scar in later seasons as it was taking to long to apply in the make-up department. I talked to Rory McCann the actor who plays the hound one day about it as...
  17. Jimi

    1:12 Bandai Boba Fett

    yep i'm having the same issue with photobucket as well, that's why i am slowly switching over to Imgur as i am fed up with all the hassles you get with photobucket now.
  18. Jimi

    1/35 Pz38(t) Tristar/HobbyBoss

    It looks fantastic
  19. Jimi

    Stug IV

    i'm really looking forward to seeing more of this kit soon, please keep posting!
  20. Jimi

    1/35 Dragon ZSU-23-4M Shilka

    i'd really love to see this kit from the original post but none of teh images open up for me!