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  1. GvendurE

    Chep paint

    HI fellas I was loking for chep paint on ebay and found this I dont know if the ship outside the uk but just wanted to let you know. They do the in...
  2. GvendurE

    How to remove paint.

    Hi dudes umm i messed up a paint job and need to do a repaint. Can anyone tell me how to remove enemal paint from models. I cant fined anything on this on the forum but if its there can you direct me to it. Thanks GvendurE
  3. GvendurE

    Revell paints

    Hi guys I just wantent to put this outh there and se if anybody has any experiens with revell paints. I am thinking about trying Revell acrilic paints, I have bin using there enamel paints with mixed results butt that might be more my lack of experiens than anything else. But i am trying the...
  4. GvendurE

    Volcanic Eruption

    Hey guys there is a Volcano erupting i Iceland and I just found a live web cam and thought i would shear this with you. I think its cool but maybe I am a bit biast sins I am Icelandic ;)
  5. GvendurE

    Trabant 601 S Limousine 1:24

    So this is What I am working on at the moment. Plan to finish it before I go home to Iceland for 10 days in two weeks. Hopefully I get a lot done this weekend sins I am working 10 days from Monday. GvendurE
  6. GvendurE

    Hello frome Iceland/UK

    Ok I am Icelandic but live in the uk at the moment. ??? My name is Guðmundur (try saing that 10 times fast) But mu freinds call me Gummi. I´m 31 and my wife gave me model of a wv bus for Christmas to have something to do because she had to go away fore collage fore 3 months to Estonia . And I...
  7. GvendurE

    Revell Gambler 1:12 Custome chopper First build in 17 + years

    I have bin stalking this site fore months and just bought me some kits and this is the first one i built. First lesson learned chrome parts are fragile and hard to keep then looking good. It is all built and the base paint is on there but i want to weather it and make it look like its being...