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  1. bttfspencer

    My Batman Forever Batmobile complete!

    Heres the Video link: Feel free to ask any questions, please tell me what ya think! :) I'm getting used to this whole model video stuff..:)
  2. bttfspencer

    My Joker Helicopter

    My Joker Helicopter Build. :) Thanks for watching! Ask me all the questions you want about it.
  3. bttfspencer

    Finishers for Professional use

    Hello ALL I would like to buy some Finishers paint (Yes, finishers is the brand) Unfortunetly I cannot find its existance whenever I search for it. Can somebody help me please. I would appreciate it very much. Thankyou, Happy Holidays. -Spencer
  4. bttfspencer

    Aves problemo

    Yo, I got some Aves apoxie sculpt (im one of you know he he he) and I am having trouble with sanding it, its rock hard when it cures. Does anyone know how to remedy this? am I doing something wrong do you think? I need some help please Thanks -BTTFSpencer
  5. bttfspencer

    BTTFSpencer's DeLorean Time Machine build

    Ladies and Gentleman. I am in the process of heavily modifying a 1/24 Aoshima Back to the future DeLorean "Time Machine". I will post pictures of my progress as this is my 8th DeLorean, I am wise to the kit and know pretty much everything about it, I do know just about everything about the...
  6. bttfspencer

    What type of putty is this (URGENT)

    I wonder if you could please help me in finding out what putty this man is using for his tyres in plamo, please watch. [glow=red,2,300]THIS VIDEO Thanks -Spencer
  7. bttfspencer

    DeLorean steering wheel putty?

    I need to do a little work on a steering wheel that comes with the Aoshima 1/24 scale delorean from back to the future, i need to putty the square crevises that make the wheel inaccurate. Basically i need it to be smooth, will milliput do the job or should i get a new putty?