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  1. Ian

    Art of Modelling iOS app?

    Does anyone happen to use the iOS "Art of Modelling" app? And if so, do you have copies of Issue 37 and 38? I know the app seems to be dead, but I'm working on a way to 'archive' previous digital issues. :)
  2. Ian

    Jeep Willys MP (Tamiya 1/35)

    Took its time but it's finally done. This was a PE learning experience for me.
  3. Ian

    Blade Runner model shop photos

    So amazing.
  4. Ian

    AT-ST at the shield generator bunker

    So there's this... ...which I'm hoping will turn into this... ...except 10 years after Return of the Jedi. Essentially a forgotten ruin.
  5. Ian

    TANKART 4 GERMAN ARMOR Kickstarter campaign

    TANKART author Michael Rinaldi is running a Kickstarter campaign for the forth book in his TANKART series. I'm a big fan of his books, own 1-3, and was happy to support him for the next one.
  6. Ian

    Hasegawa 1/72 Vanship

    Making a little progress on this. Cockpit interior is now ready to be fit into the body.
  7. Ian

    The secret to handbrushing Tamiya acrylics is...

    ...Mr. Leveling Thinner! A 50/50 mix ratio of this stuff with any Tamiya color makes it a DREAM to work with.
  8. Ian

    Bones Miniatures Warlock

    Did this for a friend. My first time doing anything like it.
  9. Ian

    Gluing rigid foam insulation

    What are my strongest adhesive options for gluing pieces of rigid foam insulation together?
  10. Ian

    Aliens Class II Power Loader

    So this is happening...
  11. Ian

    Steel Wire Cloth for scratch building

    Thought folks might be interested in my wire mesh order from I wanted to get a selection of mesh sizes and weights for scratch building, so I researched on the site and tried to guess what might work at various scales. I had to return my first order of 'Steel Wire...
  12. Ian

    SHAKE DAT PAINT (but not too much!)

    So this happened... I added a ball bearing to a bunch of my AK, Tamiya and Alclad bottles for mixing, and I'm now reconsidering the Alclad bottles! A little too much for that size I think and boy it made a mess. Amazingly I managed to save the nice jeans I was wearing, as I immediately...
  13. Ian

    Repurposed Pickup Truck

    So here's what I've got... And I'm thinking about adding this to the roof on its tripod stand...
  14. Ian

    Tamiya 1/12 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa

    My first bike, and kit at 1/12 scale. Working on the engine first. Glue up was easy peasy, and I love how big it is. Main engine parts primed with Alclad Grey Lacquer Primer. Sprays beautifully and no need to wash the plastic beforehand. Then a few hours latter I added some color...
  15. Ian

    Car Show reference photos

    Stopped by the 9th "Better L8 Than Never Car Show" this weekend in Bristol, VT and snapped a ton of reference photos. LINK: Full set of images for your viewing pleasure
  16. Ian

    Airbrush woes - is this how it should spray?

    Here's the setup: - Badger Krome with the ultra fine needle - 50/50 mixture of Tamiya paint & Tamiya Lacquer Thinner - @15psi My first attempt at pre-shading (looking at what John Simmons did in SMA mag #2 with his Star Wars ship) but I'm having a few issues. 1. Shouldn't I be able to...
  17. Ian

    Nitto Ma.K Maschinen Krieger SF3D Raccoon

    I'm already well into this one but thought I'd throw it up anyway.
  18. Ian

    Great hobby store: Hobby Emporium, Tyngsboro MA

    Attention all you New England folk! Spent WAY too much time there this past Sunday (first time visit since I happened to be in the area) and just wanted to say what a great hobby shop it is. Highly recommended! Chatted with three very knowledgeable fellows for well over 4 hours and was lost in...
  19. Ian

    AMT 1/32 Anakin's Podracer (complete)

    Here's what I've been working on.
  20. Ian

    Photography for Scale Modeling - a step by step guide

    Here's a simple step by step tutorial for photography of your in-progress and finished models. I'm by no means a professional in this area, but I'm having good results with a very similar setup, and pride myself on having good looking images of my builds. EQUIPMENT Camera - this can be...