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  1. sunsanvil

    Wanted: Pz.III/IV tracks

    Looking for individual track links. An unused set of Dragon's MagicTracks would be ideal. Will trade for a pair of Dragon's DS tracks.
  2. sunsanvil

    Is this a MaK figure?

    Saw this photo on ebay: The listing was for the unpainted pilot, but its the other one, lower right, which caught my eye. Is that a Mak/Brickworks figure? I did some googling but came up dry.
  3. sunsanvil

    What happened to the Prometheus kit? Did this never come to market?
  4. sunsanvil

    Was North Africa hot...or not??

    This is sort of a tanks/figures/diorama question so I'll start the conversation here..... In looking at photos of the WWII North African campaign we see vehicle and gun crews shirtless in shorts, clearly sweating like crazy...but just as common are photos of tank crews in garb no different than...
  5. sunsanvil

    Looking for a DAK figure...

    While Google-researching for the tiger, I came across this image: and thought that would be a brilliant addition to the build! Can anyone think of a 1:35 figure they've seen which would fit the case?
  6. sunsanvil

    Tiger I Initial (Africa)

    Been meaning to do a Tiger for years and decided it was finally time. Basing this on the Tamiya Kit: Voyager PE Set: MasterClub Tracks:
  7. sunsanvil

    help folding PE tiger fenders

    Could any of the PE gurus out there give me a hand on this one? I've got a set of PE fenders and a small shop bending station, but I cant for the life of me visualize how I can make two opposite folds on a part like this. To be clear, this is the profile we want to end up with: The first...
  8. sunsanvil

    Tiger Track Pins

    I just received a set of the exquisit MasterClub resin tracks but I need the rivet counters out their to tripple check me on the pins. Half have round heads: the other half are flat: I think that the rounds go on the inside edge and the flats on the outside but I'd like a few thumbs up...
  9. sunsanvil

    Wanted: Radiator bay bits for 1:35 Tiger

    If you happen to have an unused set of fans/radiators from one of the Dragon kits maybe, I'd be much obliged.
  10. sunsanvil

    Colors for wood crate

    What would be some paint suggestions for a well worn wooden crate? I tried a base of beige-brown with a wash of Vallejo's (semi transparent) "Woodgrain" but it looks much to much like fine stained mahogany. :)
  11. sunsanvil

    Markings on Stugs

    I'm a little confused when it comes to markings on Stugs. Was the Shurzen armor something that was field or factory fitted? IE, would markings be on the tank hull even though the shurzen would obscure them, or would they more likely be applied to the shurzen? And what about numbers: there...
  12. sunsanvil

    Question for the Panther experts

    What would have been on the western front between D-Day and Market Garden? Late A? Early G? I read that Bittrich had a few he was pushing around in late '44 but no details.
  13. sunsanvil

    Source for FoW in Canada?

    Can anyone recommend a source for Flames of War in Canada? Local game store used to carry it but they dont anymore (they say Battlefront's minimum order was too high) and I HATE ordering from outside Canada.
  14. sunsanvil

    MG HiZack

    Was supposed to be part of the Group Build...fell by the wayside. Finished recently. Will probably enter in open category for the contest.
  15. sunsanvil

    Seams on BF109 hull

    I vaguely recall a conversation a while back on this... Which longitudinal seam(s) exist on the real thing: top, bottom, or both? (ie when assembling body halves, which seam do we NOT want to fill and sand).
  16. sunsanvil

    Lighting at the workbench

    I desperately need better light at my work space. The single 18W fluorescent reading lamp just isn't cutting it. I really don't want to spend >$100 on a 24W ottlite (especially since whatever I get for my table I will also have to get for my wife's hobby table :) ). Suggestions and ideas...
  17. sunsanvil

    WWII Rules for 1/72

    Which (if any) of the WWII gaming systems/rules cater to 1/72? Everything I've looked into so far is all geared towards "15mm" (aka 1:100). Sure one could just do the math on the distances but it would be nice to work with something already thought out.
  18. sunsanvil

    "15mm" vs. 1/72

    Ok, so I've been looking into the Plastic Soldier Company stuff. Looks cool. Their site leaves a little to be desired. But what is the deal with "15mm"? I mean I get that that is supposedly how tall an "average man" figure is, but when you quote that on a tank, there MUST be an actual scale...
  19. sunsanvil

    News and anouncements

    Well we're off to a fantastic start with several builders setting their sites on multiple kits, while other look like they will be finished with a week or two! ;D The index with links should be current. If anyone finds an error or omission, please advise. It goes without saying that I'm...
  20. sunsanvil

    MG RMS-106 Hi-Zack

    To be honest I'm not a huge fan of the Zaku, but I feel I need one in my collection. Since I'm gradually building everything from Zeta Gundam, the Hi-Zack was an obvious choice, and it has an interesting blend of design styles. Its clearly a Zaku with its head, spiked shoulder, pipe fittings...