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  1. midnightprowler

    69 Superbee T/A

    A what if. I originally built this in 93. Decided to strip it and rebuild. decals designed and printed by Speedway Decals
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    69 Cougar Eliminator

  3. midnightprowler

    67 GTX

    Started this 10 years ago. Finally wrapped it up.
  4. midnightprowler

    Last of 2019 Mercedes 300 SL

  5. midnightprowler

    First of 2020 1971 Mercury Comet

    Another diecast, waiting on badging from Speedway decals.
  6. midnightprowler

    Last of 2019 Mercedes 300 SL

    My last of 2019, a diecast Burago Mercedes 300 SL that I stripped and refinished.
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  8. corvette2014limerockgreen.jpg


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    Kind of, but not exactly.
  10. midnightprowler

    Hot Wheels Bone Shaker

    Another Hot Wheels refinished.
  11. midnightprowler

    BMW Mini Cooper

    A diecast Mini Cooper that I stripped and refinished. First pic is how she started.
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    Thanks. I have another one I'm planning to do in dark green.
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    Revell's C-7 snap kit, Body badging and seat decals by Speedway decals.
  15. midnightprowler

    Hot Wheels Maverick

  16. midnightprowler

    Hot Wheels Maverick

    A couple of issues of Scale Auto have had articles on refurbishing Hot Wheels. I've gotten into a kick of doing that with some of mine. Her is the first completed one, a little Ford Maverick.
  17. midnightprowler

    P-39 Airacobra

  18. midnightprowler

    P-39 Airacobra

  19. midnightprowler

    P-39 Airacobra

    My AM 1/48 P39 Q in Snooks 2nd markings'