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  1. Scrach

    Issue 6? Any word on when?

    I too, have been wondering about the future issues. Way back when, I bought issue #1 AND a six issue subscription (starting with #2). Gotta think the likelihood of issue #6 is pretty damn slim, let alone #7. I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed.
  2. Scrach

    Alien XO Kane Polar Lights resin kit

    Thanks gents! Go Flight, I'm planning on thinning the egg drastically to allow light thru from LEDs I plan to but on the 'floor' and I'm hoping to do a bare minimum of washes on the outside that will make it look painted when the lights are off. Mikey W, the bronze armor is just some serious...
  3. Scrach

    Startrek Space Dock with Refit 1/1700 scale Paper Model

    Great work, as always!
  4. Scrach

    Bandai 1/72 TIE fighters (Black Squadron)

    The three together is sweeet!
  5. Scrach

    Ma.K Melusine 1:35scale

    Glad you like it, gents!
  6. Scrach

    Alien XO Kane Polar Lights resin kit

    First layer of dry brushing color on the helmet and chest plates.
  7. Scrach

    Ma.K Melusine 1:35scale

    Some more color and some light chipping started.
  8. Scrach

    Ma.K Melusine 1:35scale

    Thanks Sci-Fi! Before chipping:
  9. Scrach

    Alien XO Kane Polar Lights resin kit

    Thanks Q. I will probably leave the face as is, especially since its going to be in a dark helmet behind 'glass'.
  10. Scrach

    Bandai Slave 1 - 1:144 scale

    Looking good. I REALLY wish Bandai would have released this in a larger scale...
  11. Scrach

    Alien XO Kane Polar Lights resin kit

    Much progress, few updates. Lots of fiddling and learning with the lighting. The following shots of the face are all of the same paint work. The differences are purely due to lighting and/ or shadows. It's crazy what a difference it makes. This angle, kinda 'meh'... The next three...
  12. Scrach

    Ma.K Melusine 1:35scale

    The ADD kicked in again, pushed another WiP to the side. Got tired of seeing this guy in primer. There is a 'german red' primer color and hairspray under the top colors (oops, no pics) I didn't have any original ideas for a color scheme so I went with one off of the card.
  13. Scrach

    Iwata LPH80

    That model may be on the large end of desirable models, but he could probably make it work. I'm inclined to agree with this guy... 'pingvuiini' has the spray gun, he may as well give it a try. As far as...
  14. Scrach

    Secret Santa 2015

    I'd be interested. Did a group build following pan out in the past?
  15. Scrach

    Iwata LPH80

    I don't know the specs on that model so it's hard to say. I'm shopping for something like that for the specific purpose of shooting primer, or at least just full coverage colors...
  16. Scrach

    Air- Tamiya P-47M T-Bolt

    Bang up job! Very impressive.
  17. Scrach

    BB-8 by Sphero

    Take my money! I hope they have the warehouses full, those will sell like crazy!
  18. Scrach

    Jeep Willys MP (Tamiya 1/35)

    Great work!
  19. Scrach

    1/35 Breigel from Industria Mechankia

    Hell, just one limb looks like a decent build on its own!
  20. Scrach


    Final result looks great. :)