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  1. Bouq

    Corporate Alliance Droid - AMT/ERTL - 1:48

    After a first trashbash last year, I opened this (rare?) SW kit... the target : a battle of Karshyyyk diorama... A lot of empty spaces in the hull... too many! [] WIP - A combler.... by Cyber Mecha, sur Flickr highlighted in orange, the empty spaces I can share the references of the...
  2. Bouq

    In the meantime, in France... the Flash contest

    Dunno if I can post some news about our activity in the French scifi forum Cyber-Mecha. I apologize if not and, feel free to delete this thread if not in-law. Every year we set an annual contest of scifi modelling and, between two of them, we set flash-contests. This time, the building phase...
  3. Bouq

    A scratchbuilt Star Wars style speeder

    My first diorama (I'm just pretty 46 years old....) EDIT I forgot to insert the basic start sprue... The figure isn't over and the weathering has to be improved but I really wanted to improve my skills before coming back to them....
  4. Bouq

    Hi from France

    Hi, I'm Philippe, I'm 40 and I'm French Not so young but novice with modeling. few kits when I was young and I restarted one year ago thanks to my son who wanted to make cars modeling. My favorite topic is post-apocalyptic trucks. I'm building such a truck for one year (Yes 1 year !) and...