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  1. peza

    HMS ILLUSTRIOUS 1:350 waterline

    eh up all,I got asked off a mate to build him an illustrious from WW2 as his Grandad served on it at Malta. I found the kit at Telford model show and got the kit.i rang mym8 to say I got it and at first he was gonna build it himself. but due to the fact that he's blind as a bat with big fat...
  2. peza

    rusty plastic nail

    I got asked off the shop keeper which I buy some of my models from in town if I could build him "Something east german and quirky" his words. I got this kit as a birthday I donated it to his corse.but before I show any images I wanted to make this one a rust bucket?I know the proper...
  3. peza

    my mpc snowspeeder dio

    eh up all, here is an old build but new to you folks, i got myself an old mpc snowspeeder at a model show years ago as a break from the big bird(the 32"millennium falcon). so to start off i didn't like the lack of detail in the cockpit area,the seats were to small and there was no side control...
  4. peza


    Eh up all. I'm lookin for a speederbike,if anybody can help please get back to me..peza
  5. peza

    mpc snowspeeder

    eh up all i`m starting to make an old snowspeeder that i had in my stash. i started to look at it a week ago and did`nt like the lack of detail in the cockpit,also i wanted to make it asif it was landed and the maintenance crew are lookin at it! i started by cutting out some of the grill...
  6. peza

    1/72 fm x wing build

    eh up everyone i`ve not done much on me falcon as late due to the fact i`ve jumped onto a group build on SFM:uk, and were doin 1/72 star wars hanger build,to be shown in feb,this is my progress so far.. at first i got the kit and was so excited that i jumped in before thinkin,i got some free car...
  7. peza

    peza`s 32" falcon build

    eh up to all i`ve been buildin a studio scale millenium on and off for about 3 and ahalf years now,i`m 90% finished on the top but only 60 odd on the bottom,i`ve still got the sides cockpit inside the gun turrets and with mine i`m havin it with the option of havin the legs either on or off,which...
  8. peza

    in flight or not

    eh up to all i`m currently buildin a 32" millenum falcon but the problem i`ve got is that i wish to have it that i can have the landin legs on or off, i`ve built all the landin leg bays and the covers which i`ve used small magnets to hold them in place all goin sweet,but i`ve not a scooby do on...
  9. peza

    eh up to all!

    :othis is me as i`ve just joined ya site,i`d just like to say hello and wow.