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    Great video on hoses and wires

    This is a great vid on hoses and wires..I pretty much bought everything he said to...even ..the midge tubing...midge tubing? what the hell is a midge..apparently its a fly tying thing..but he says its a game I bought some of that too. Since I'll be primarily focusing on cars and...
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    Anyone build any Tacom kits. I'm interested in their big gun ones..look very interesting.
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    Meng Kawasaki H2

    Figured Ide try out this one as its a little different from most of the motorcycle models. prepainted and press fit. Well the press fit part for the motor did not go well. Maybe a bad batch but it didn't line up at all. So i turned it into a cement process. Had to chop most of the press fit...
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    1972 CB750 racer

    Almost done with this thing..hasn't been easy. Part fitment not the best and it certainly is not accurate but what the hell. The fairing is a nightmare to line up and it required putty..after it was painted. The the windscreen did not really line up. At this point I just want to get it done. The...
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    Tamiya A10

    Since its my favorite plane I figured I would try this out. Waiting on the phot etch stuff and the brass cannon. Then I have to get an airbrush and figure that out. Been a long time since I did this but its coming back. This motorcycle model on the hand has been difficult. Ready to drop some...
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    Back in the game

    Decided to get back into this as I have limited time once I get home from what the hell. I made a million models when I was a kid..all the way up to the Revell Constitution..the big one. So now I'll start again. Already finished the Honda CB750 motor..the one that no one can get to...