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  1. Belugawrx

    FunVee Resurrected

    I couldn't find the original thread,... Riley.... I've been staring this one down on my bench for a while now,... ordered some new wheels an tires from Joseph at Fireball model works... Something between here.. and here its I need to add some suspension now, I guess. I detailed the roof...
  2. Belugawrx

    1978 Theodore Racing WR3

    Another one on the bench is the 1978 F1 entry of Theodore Racing (TR). TR purchased a couple used cars from Walter Wolf Racing in the middle of the '78 season, and could only come up with a 10th place finish. This is the 1:20th kit with white metal parts, a p/e fret and enough decals to pick...
  3. Belugawrx

    1967 Shelby Cobra csx #3243

    The 2020 Cannonball build is on, this years topic, vehicles in movies and on tv. (We have a year to build) I chose the Cobra from the original Gumball Rally movie Can't lose ,...right..? I mean, it won in the movie,...right...? Anyway there are about 30 of us competing in the race so every...
  4. Belugawrx

    Autonomous Auto Racing

  5. Belugawrx

    Gentlemens Race Club

    My entry into BSC16 A couple of after market things going into this one, tires, wheels(waiting on order), distributor and some miscellaneous cables and wires,...This will be presented as a rebuilt race car from the early 70's...This car, BRE 240Z (Brock Racing Enterprises) won the SCCA "C"...
  6. Belugawrx

    BSC 16

    How - To How to enroll in BSC...where to send $...?? Scott ?
  7. Belugawrx

    '60 Chev Apache

    Calling this one,..Done AMT/Ertl kit. '99 release, lowered a bit more than box stock. although it was "lowered" a bit, out of the box I liked the all white front end and bumpers,..White is Alclad white filler primer (tough stuff) Made up the hea, vent controls, and put in a steering...
  8. Belugawrx

    '88 porsche 911 Turbo

    Bought this quite awhile ago, Tamiya kit,..sort of snap together,.. no engine. I've always loved the lines of this car, I now have another Tamiya, and a couple older Fujimi's 8) I had it entered into a group build at another site and got this far,.. As you can see, I dropped it ...I mean...
  9. Belugawrx

    '62 Impala +

    My rendition of a Wolf in sheep's clothing,... This is the Revell 1:24 kit, Primed Duplicolor flat black, masked the roof and shot Duplicolor Gold Mettallic,... Cut out the trunk lid, and hinged it,... Then I put it all on top of a '98 Corvette frame, and drive train,... Added a double...
  10. Belugawrx


    RIP SHEP I met Shepard Paine when my father opened "The Olde Soldier" shop in St. Catharines, Ontario. I was cleaning windows/display cases, and oggling the tamiya,verlinden, squadron, ....etc, at 11 Shep walks in the door after I look at his halftrack with leaping...yep 'leaping' figures" in a...
  11. Belugawrx

    Tamiya 1:12 F1 WR1 WIP

    After 35 yrs. I am going to try this one again.... The first time I didn't have the patience, or skills to build it properly, and gave up, in favour of less creative endeavours :huh: Anyway, this is going to be a rather long WIP due to extra detail parts from both Best Balsa Kits and Scale...
  12. Belugawrx

    `67 Camaro

    I`ve been noodlin`around on this site for awhile now, looking at all of the great artwork. So I think it`s time to post something complete. This is AMT`s 1995 release of the `67 Camaro SS RS Z28. All I have to say is, model casting was not foremost in their minds. Filled grooves where they...