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  1. Jimi

    Trumpeter T62 Mod 1972

    Ok, so there is a small story attached to this: yes i know, i usually build sci-fi kits and i have a stack of military kits around here so i decided to take one to work with me and sit and build it rather than keep buying books off of ebay, which was costing me even more than model kits. so i'm...
  2. Jimi

    Bandai star destroyer

    Hi all, i just finished this kit, it's the 1/250000 scale bandai Imperial Star Destroyer that you see crashed landed on the planet of Jakku in the new Star Wars film: The Force Awakens.
  3. Jimi

    Poe Dameron's X-Wing

    Hi all, well i've been plugging away on this Revell kit for some time and although Revell get a hard time especially after the battle with Bandai i thought i'd have a crack at their odd scale kit which is roughly 1:43 scale or so i have been told. I have opened up one side of the kit and added...
  4. Jimi

    New Sci-Fi modelling books

    Some interesting books to help the sci-fi modeller, the first is start wars orientated and the second is for star ships from popular films and culture Star Wars Modeling Archive Book Space Navy Yard Space Ship Modeling Guide Book
  5. Jimi

    Shadow Trooper

    Here is my rendition of bandai' 1/12 Shadow Stormtrooper. i was asked at a recent model show where i had got it and if it was available to buy at the show.... if i had know it was going to be that popular i would have sold some there myself. Anyway the kit goes together exactly the same as the...
  6. Jimi

    Eve Online Dramiel

    for those of you who don't know, there is an online game called "Eve online" it's an internet spaceship game and i have managed to get a a 3D printed version of one of the ships from the game created into a model. I can't tell you what scale it is but now that it is completed i can show you the...
  7. Jimi

    Rebel Transporter (X-Wings Miniatures)

    well i finally finished the Rebel Transporter that i have been working one for a while, i got a bit side tracked on various issues around the house to modelling time has been limited. and a slightly more dramatic shot of the transporter!
  8. Jimi

    bandai shadow trooper

    well this is my next project, the bandai shadow trooper. not strictly a star wars figure from the original films, i thought it would make a nice change from all those white storm troopers, even the box is blacked out, so secret are these troopers for the empire! what the figure will look like...
  9. Jimi

    Bandai 1/12 Stormtrooper

    Hi all, well i've finally managed to finish this little side project off, it's a simple kit and goes together very easily indeed... a few areas on the instruction sheet that could be improved but the actual kit itself is great.
  10. Jimi

    Snow Speeder 1/72 scale

    Hi all, i've not had much chance to do any building as we are approaching the busy part of the year but i have managed to almost finish this Retro-kit 1/72 scale snow speeder. its'a good kit with alot of detail but it is lacking a clear parts for the windshields...will probably improvise that...
  11. Jimi

    italeri bmp1 kit

    does anyone have any info about this kit is the esci-revell re-pop or is it a new moulding altogether?
  12. Jimi

    looking for south vietnamese M41 bulldog pictures

    hi all, i'm looking to get hold of some colour pictures of the south vietnamese m41 bulldog that was used during the 1960's. i have seen a few black and white pictures and i'd like to increase the number of those as well but i really need some colour shots as well.
  13. Jimi

    issue 5?

    i was wondering when Issue number 5 was due out?
  14. Jimi

    Fine Molds star wars kits

    hi all, well a bit of a bomb has been dropped as fine molds will no longer be producing their fantastic range of star wars kits. apparently the licence has now gone to bandai.
  15. Jimi

    Photo etch fuel can holders advice needed

    Hi all, i just purchased a set of PE US army fuel can holders from Accurate Armour and i was wondering how you attach the straps that hold the fuel can in place, see picture below. if anyone has used these or a similar product i would be grateful for some help as there wasnt an instruction...
  16. Jimi

    replacement fuel cans?

    hi all, im looking to replace the fuel cans that go on the sides of the M41 turret. ideally a resin manufacturer that supplies model stores here in the UK.
  17. Jimi

    tamiya british world war one tank

    does anyone know how to get hold of this kit in the UK. no on seems to be stocking the kit at the moment
  18. Jimi

    world war one figure request

    hi all, im looking to get hold of some german infantry in 1/35th scale from world war one. they need to be in a running pose ideally rather than the standing still pose and either made from resin or plastic. if anyone knows of any companies that do these type of figures could they PM me...
  19. Jimi

    M7 Priest question

    i was wondering if the Revell M7 Priest was a repop of the italeri version of the same kit, in 1/35th scale? can anyone confirm this or disprove it?
  20. Jimi

    lighting question

    hi all, ok im new to all this lighting stuff so i need your help, i have just bout these 3mm LED's and want to know how many of them i can chain together whilst using a small square battery...see links below for LED and battery information. LED's...