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  1. Mike T.C.S.M

    Name Change and another thing

    Hello folks in case some of you were wondering why I have changed from Darkblade88 to my new user name well this is mainly because after roughly six years of having it the name didn't feel right to me and as they say, a change is as good as a rest as they say. I also felt like honouring the fact...
  2. Mike T.C.S.M

    Operation torch Mk XII Hurricane (Airfix)

    Hello folks I present for you veiwing pleasure and entertainment my first build in four years as the title say it is the operation torch Mk XII Hurricane from the Airfix limited edition from a fair few years back. I started by removing the cockpit parts and pro propeller and lower part of the...
  3. Mike T.C.S.M

    Well I am back (after four years)

    As the title says I am back and I didn't think I would have taken me this long to reappear. the last time posted I had recently lost my Grandpa I think the reason it has taken me so long to get back is that it took me a while to come to terms with not having my oldest and best friend to talk...
  4. Mike T.C.S.M

    I'm still around

    Hi just in case some of you were wondering I am still around unfortunately my model building has been next to non existent since the middle of last year when the room I build in started to have a reshuffle which is still happening. Then in December I got some bad news which I don't feel up to...
  5. Mike T.C.S.M

    Tommy's War. Private, Lincolnshire Regiment, Mons 1914

    Hey ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls this is my current project which is for WWI. now for the shots of it attached to the pour plugs To make it a bit more interesting on myself I'm dedicating this build to my great Grandpa who fought in WWI although not in this regiment but...
  6. Mike T.C.S.M

    Where I've been

    I've not really gone anywhere per say but in February my Grandma died so that was not the best start to the year. I have been modeling but not posting progress on forums. I'm still working on the Rc Sea scout boat I keep burning out on it and having to take brakes from it. I would of put...
  7. Mike T.C.S.M

    R/C Sea Scout

    Hi guys this was given to me by my grandpa in the stage of construction shown in the pictures below. This will be a long term project as it's my first R/C build the will be a stop in construction when I get to the stage where I need to start putting in the electronics as I will need to speak to...
  8. Mike T.C.S.M

    Forgotten Fallen Facebook group

    Hi guys the group mentioned in the title has been set up by my dad with aim of achieving the same acknowledgement for those whose later deaths (days, weeks, months or years) can be attributed, either partially or fully, to their service to their nation as those who died on active service. The...
  9. Mike T.C.S.M

    Dogfight double build 1 of 2: De Havilland Mosquito FB.VI

    Righty o Guys and gals. This is part one of a two part build in a way is going to be practice for a five part (model) build series at some point. I know some of DB's done it this time He's gone mad, flipped his lid and lost the plot. I think you just might be right !!!!!!! ;D Without further...
  10. Mike T.C.S.M

    DB's Salamanders Army

    Hi guys this my constant W.I.P. 40K army The space marines Salamanders. I'll start with the Rino/Razorback as its stood for about six months Fuel cans attached to the door and the clearance test to see if it would/wouldn't work would have clearance with x amount of marines hoofing on and...
  11. Mike T.C.S.M

    Airfix 1:48 AE479 British captured Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3

    Hi guys this is my entry it's scale is out of my comfort zone as I usually build in 1:72 but this subject really took my fancy there will be the sprue photos later DB88 over and out for now
  12. Mike T.C.S.M

    The four reviews

    Hi guys here are the reviews I've already had some constructive critique about the way I hold/ show the sprue I have ideas how to solve the problems for the next review. two warnings I waffle on quite a bit and tell my self off in all four videos. If this is in the wrong place please move it...
  13. Mike T.C.S.M

    Something for Armour builders

    I live in a county in England that Armour builders might be familiar with Lincolnshire the birth place of the Tank. anyway the main reason for this post it these books , and...
  14. Mike T.C.S.M

    First video of 2013

    the first of hopefully many video updates in 2013. There are some people mentioned with out them this video would not of happend.
  15. Mike T.C.S.M

    Airfix and humbrol 2013 products I've had a quick look at the aircraft and theres quite a few new moldeings in 1:72. enjoy looking guys
  16. Mike T.C.S.M

    Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

    This is my first complex car build having built an Airfix 1:32 MGB Roadster some time in 2010 (my first atempt at getting back in to the hobby i finally got back im properly early 2011). Here is where I'm at the moment
  17. Mike T.C.S.M

    An up date

    this is my firest proper video <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  18. Mike T.C.S.M

    A question about scratch building supplies

    There are three 1:72 WWI planes in my stash with very little in the why of interior detail. my question is what sort of thicknesses and widths ect. Of styrene rod, strip and sheet will i need to get. as i want to build up a stock slowly
  19. Mike T.C.S.M

    Airfix 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf 110 C-2

    This is not my BF 110 this is the One I'm building for my brother. but he lost the decals so I'm going to photocopy my decal sheet and make mask of the the common ones. where he left off
  20. Mike T.C.S.M

    1:72 Spitfire Mk IX.c (Wg Cdr J.E. “Johnny” Johnson)

    With with the Buccaneer on hold for a while I'm going to start this one in the next few days.