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  1. Larry B

    Monogram 1/24 "Boot Hill Express"

    Trekriffic, I have been collecting those old kits, just like you when I was a kid I built a bunch of them. Currently I have the Circus Wagon which is a re-release of the old Dragon Wagon, the Tijuana Taxi, Tarantula & The Bathtub Buggy. If I remember correctly the Bathtub Buggy was not a Tom...
  2. Larry B

    P 61 Black Widow

    Liquid masking film works great for some things but small canopies may not be ideal for it. I use liquid masking film for large insignia on some of my R/C stuff and it works great, it is sprayed on then after it's dry the lines can be cut very carefully and the excess peeled off. If you were to...
  3. Oscar 2.JPG

    Oscar 2.JPG

  4. Oscar 1.JPG

    Oscar 1.JPG

  5. Larry B

    Another old timer going to try again

    Most of the "greatest generation" are very quiet when it comes to that part of their lives. 8 years ago I lost a very good pilot friend that I had the privilege to fly full scale airplanes with for many years. On the morning of June 6, 1944 he was flying a Waco troop glider into France and he...
  6. Larry B

    Another old timer going to try again

    Welcome back to the hobby! The date that your dad piloted the Higgins boat, would that have been June 6th? If it was on the 6th that could have only been one operation. Keep us posted on the build progress!
  7. Larry B

    Monogram 1/24 "Boot Hill Express"

    What happened to the photos?! I have several of the old Tom Daniels designed car kits from back in the day. The Boot Hill Express is a classic & I would love to see the photos of the the finished product.
  8. SMK 1.jpg

    SMK 1.jpg

  9. Larry B

    Das Werk 1/16 StugIII

    I think it might be much easier to just use the entire running gear & lower hull of the Heng Long and then fit the new STUG upper hull to it. You can't beat the Heng Long if you want a cheap donor R/C tank hull for an odd project. I built a 1/16 SMK by buying two Heng Long KV-1's and cutting...
  10. Larry B

    Das Werk 1/16 StugIII

    What a great looking kit, and the price is fantastic! I wonder how the tracks would hold up if it were converted to R/C? The1/16 R/C Tamiya kits are all well over the $500 range so I may also put in a preorder for this one. The only armor models that I build anymore are all 1/16 or 1/6, I...
  11. Larry B

    Finally finished... I think?

    I like it! The thing about weathering is that it is so subjective. I think you did a fantastic job, it looks like one really "war weary" tank. I am trying to build up the courage to try a winter weathered scheme on a 1/16 Russian SMK that I built.
  12. Larry B

    Meng 1/35 Whippet

    Very nice, I really like the weathering. I am still not happy with my weathering efforts, I don't have the courage to really "mess it up" on my models. Maybe some day, until then I can admire models like yours!
  13. Larry B

    Like what I see!

    Here is another scratch built model, I did this one from a set of Disney drawings. I built this before my 3D printing efforts.
  14. Larry B

    Like what I see!

    You are correct about the Meng 1/35 model being used for patterns, I really don't have a good photo of the insides but I'll post a photo of the IBU2 board that I used to drive the model. I used the DKLM "slow" gearbox to run the model which works out pretty good.
  15. Larry B

    Like what I see!

    Thank you for the welcome, the Char 2C is my own design that was a combination of 3D printing, G10 sheet & fiberglass made in molds. It is 1/16 R/C and designed to do the IR battles with the 1/16 tank guys at the Danville Va tank museum.
  16. Larry B

    Like what I see!

    Hello fellow modelers, I just happened to stumble across this site and really liked what I found. I have been modeling since around 1966 or there abouts. I have always had a model of some sort in the works, static models, R/C tanks and airplanes, figures, I enjoy trying everything (sometimes...