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  1. urumomo

    Viagra Spam

    ... maybe some changes in site security ? Daily spam sweep ?
  2. urumomo

    Watson on Mars

    Gregory Hawkins Watson Geologist Shell Exploration Mars Station " MONTANA " Hanger 15 Modified Ma.K " Friedrich " from Wave Co. Laser ---> Rotary Hammer Panzerfaust ---> Spot-lamp Brush painted with acrylics over Tamiya lacquer primer . ( won First in " Robot & Mechanical Suit " and " Best...
  3. urumomo

    Doppelkonig mit Pommes

    This build is for a humorous diorama , utilizing an unconventional crew , -- I needed a wider turret roof for the scene in my head ,,, She's 2 Zvezda King Tiger kits fused together . It's a Russian 122 mm gun , super-sized . 20 mm bow gun W-18 engine with hydraulic drive system I'll...
  4. urumomo

    Takom King Tiger Initial

    Let's try a post on the new SMA , These photos are mainly for the base ,, as soon as the weather clears here I'll get some more shots of the KT from the sides and ends .
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    Check this stuff Out !

    Just came across this , I definitely want some ---
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    Aves Apoxie Sculpt

    I figured while I wait for some stuff to cure I'd post this for what it's worth - I've had these two containers af Apoxie Sculpt for like 3 years . Now they package this stuff stacked together as below , like a whole lotta other two-part products , secured with plastic...
  7. urumomo

    Ultimate Dio

    Before I die -- I want to build a dio of this , right at the 2:10 time mark .. ........... the whole 10 minutes is worth it if you like this kind of stuff . I just keep thinking of the potential moment loads on that inboard pier ( that folds up , mind you ) they...
  8. urumomo

    Modelmania 2016 -- Houston IPMS show

    Hey all , Wondering if anyone is planning to attend , I'm making it my mission to finally get there ! ... I live only a half hour from the venue but have yet to make it ! :P Looking at you , John ;D Ciao...
  9. urumomo


    Proof that my plan to stay focused on only one or two builds was faulty . My affinity for armor and my habit of loitering around Armorama and making tank noises in my head .... I've started on this Tamiya Jagdtiger ( Henschel ) which must be the simplest kit I've begun in a...
  10. urumomo

    the SS Rabid Empanada -- a spontaneous scritash

    Greetings ;D So - for those not following the Giraffe thread - Jason Abbadon has Jedi mind swayed me into building this ... I'm calling it a Scritash because though it's technically a scratch-build , the major elements are from a 1/72 Revell Space Shuttle with...
  11. urumomo

    Bandai , Mecha Collection #15

    The black and white palette of the Giraffe is getting me down , Man . :P I want to play with some happier colors during dry times with the Giraffe moving into filters and weathering ... with a break from scratching ;D These Bandai kits are exactly $2.60...
  12. urumomo

    Paint mixing Quest

    Posting this here for what it's worth ::) I've been mixing my Vallejo paints in the bottle with various stick like things ... nothing wrong with that ... some need it more than others ,, losing a little paint to waste every time :( tiring .. :( I...
  13. urumomo

    Weekend Movie

    I saw this a while back and just stumbled across it again . With almost a million views there's a good chance some of you have seen this but I thinks it's a must see . It's a Blast
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    A-10 Autonomous - 105 mm gun

    This one's about ready for decals and top-coat ! ::) ;D This it my autonomous A-10 in incipient form It's based on the old Tamiya 1/48 A-10A kit - and it is a dog of a kit . . Bow-wow . ( in Walken's voice )...
  15. urumomo

    Testors spray ( rattle-can) Lacquer issue

    So I know more than two other people have used this : ?? problems ? The first time . I used it to clear coat the paintwork prior to using oil washes . That went spectacularly well ;) .. the spirits made short work of...
  16. urumomo

    Mak " GIRAFFE " -- ECM Camel

    It's been a long time since I've posted :P I figured I wouldn't post anything till I was done or near-done with sumtin and this one is done there I think . don't see many Camels in the forums or really on Earth or the interwebs for that matter . Not like the AFS ,s I...
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    Panel Scribe Tool ??

    There's a few panel scribing tools out there ( only a few -- 3 ? -- curiously HLJ doesn't have em . ? ) ... but -- I've been doin what I need to do with knives and points --- SO , the question is : what do ya'll use and what the heck is this tool ( tools ) ?? . I assume it's a...
  18. urumomo

    Swap a MaK Camel ( me got ) for a Grosser Hund ( you have ) ??

    Hey guys ! I've been thinking 'bout my Grosser Hund diorama that's in progress and would like to add a Dog to it --- I have a brand new Camel kit I will trade ,,, but I think we'd need to sweet'n the deal a bit since the Hund is quite a bit cheaper ---- but I'm easy ;)...
  19. urumomo

    Star Blazer * esque Kitbash of Type VII U boat ( 36")

    ;D ;D Howdy and welcome to the space shuttle that keeps on giving ..... For those familiar with my Grosser Hund build you know I have been using bits from an old ,destined for the bin , 1/72 space shuttle kit for raw material --- just small stuff .... .. And , I mentioned my long...
  20. urumomo

    Armor and SciFi fans should like ...

    I wanna see the drivetrain ! :)