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  1. Little Cutie

    Red 6 (All Wings Report In - redux)

    UGH!!!! NO!! Although a lot of people think these are the way to go I just wish someone would've been decent enough to make these accurate way back when MPC made them. This would've made it a lot more memorable, and desirable than the ones of today are. Nice weathering so far even though the...
  2. Little Cutie

    McQuarrie 12 inch A-wing scratch build

    Not to be pushy, but are there any updates? This looks great, and it's one of my favourite models since I was a kid, and it still is. I wish someone would make a full scale version that you could drive down the street! That would be cool, and it would make the ultimate party favour. Just imagine...
  3. Little Cutie

    Tamiya 1:12 F1 WR1 WIP

    MORE!! MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE,MORE, MORE, MORE!! (with a rebel yell) You sir are an artist! This is the way I wish I could build again, but space not permitting, or materials. Inspiration isn't a problem, but rather space, and weather are keeping me at bay, so no painting as it's freezing...
  4. Little Cutie

    Daft Punk helmet

    OH MY GOD!!! That just doesn't say enough! I know that is a VERY OLD post by now, but I forgot that this site exists, and that I have a membership here. I've been having a very HARD time getting the things I need - space, time, and money for modeling. Anyway, you sir are a god of modeling!! :o...
  5. Little Cutie

    Polar Lights Batmobile

    Does anyone know if the Polar Lights Batmobile is snap together? I don't know exactly were to ask, so I thought I'd try here. Thanks.
  6. Little Cutie

    Christine - In Progress

    What a wonderful subject! I love the lights. This is a nice build, but it could've been better if you had used Alclad II, or Spaztix instead of the "Chrome Foil" - it looks like aluminum paint. It's also too bad that we can't buy U.S. American made models any more! Lately it seems that all I can...
  7. Little Cutie

    Scott's Speeder Bike

    Please tell me you ARE kidding about using the original MPC figure anyway?!?!?! After the awsome sculpt that made my jaw drop. I don't understand it. I'm in a rut with my MPC X-wing refit at the moment. I'm an ace with sculpting - so much easier than cutting styrene, and shaping it forever. I'd...
  8. Little Cutie

    Grande Digue Alpha

    SPRAY CAN!! TOO COOL!!!! I love the effect of the weathering. "Your skills are now complete!" You are truly a Jedi, and have now graduated with honours. ~ Chris
  9. Little Cutie

    Millenium Falcon...guitar?!

    That's because the pickups he's using are crap! They're the cheap Chinese knock-offs that you can get on feebay for nothing. The neck is a Tele, and the bridge looks like some kind of Strat copy crapper. The real deal doesn't have a ceramic magnet on the bottom. I could make one of these with my...
  10. Little Cutie

    Who's been busted????

    Nothing wrong with that. I keep mine in my box so that it doesn't get damaged moving things around it, and it keeps the cold air out of it so that I don't have to worry about rust getting inside it. I've had it in there since I bought it new several years ago. I've used it I don't know how many...
  11. Little Cutie

    bad video

    The one on the left is kind of pretty, but the one on the right is definately NOT hot!!! ::) She's definately out of her league. This is so bad that it made it on Yahoo news last week. You'd be amazed at how good the quality of digital cameras are now. It only takes a couple hundred dollars to...
  12. Little Cutie

    Dick Clark dead at 82

    I know he didn't make music, but he DID popularize a lot of T.V. shows that we now enjoy today. He also paved the way for other things to come along since then.
  13. Little Cutie

    When haters strike.

    Do you know who this person is? I mean tell the rest of us, or PM those interested (me) so we can watch out for them> I don't watch youtube that much anymore since it was taken over. It's too bad that some people can't just watch from the sidelines, and make everything into a contest, or...
  14. Little Cutie

    more airbrushing troubles

    I understand it, I just don't know why you can't seem to respect other members here. ??? I read what he said, but that doesn't require a nasty undertone from you, or anyone else here! There are all kinds of problems that can be caused by faulty airbrushes, or equipment made for airbrush use. I...
  15. Little Cutie

    Airbrush problems... or I know that this sounds like a vulgar terminology/webaddress, but also has a great selection of airbrush, and airbrush accessories. Maybe this will give you a few more options to buying a new airbrush. I use a Paasche VL for hobbies, and...
  16. Little Cutie


    That's studioscale modelers. This site was dedicated to the Millenium Falcon. It had a lot of kit scans which I need to finish a kit that I started. I'm copying the X-wing parts for the wings right now. This is the last bit I need to finish them.
  17. Little Cutie

    more airbrushing troubles

    I'm sorry - I didn't read that part too well. It was 3:00 in the A.M. and I was tired. Things didn't make too much sense by then - this isn't the only thread that I did this with. It was a little premature for me to post what I did. It seems that there's a lot of newbie type questions from...
  18. Little Cutie

    The Tool Box

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I don't usually buy stuff like that, but sells the sanding pads - micro polishing pads for nothing. I think about $7.00 - $8.00 a set. The grab stix look cool, but I just use my fingernails. ~ Chris
  19. Little Cutie

    WTB MPC/ERTL X-Wing canopy, cockpit and pilot

    You can have these parts for free. Just send me $5.00 for shipping, and I'll send them in the parcel post asap. PM sent. ~ Chris
  20. Little Cutie

    more airbrushing troubles

    Not it doesn't when paint comes out of it first, then starts doing this. Let me reiterate what Mr.Natural said: Clear liquid doesn't always come out when you have paint right at the source of the airbrush tip. Get it? Maybe if you guys spent more time working, and less time talking you'd find...