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  1. stevethefish

    Booster Unit S-GundaBooster Unit S-Gundam from Gundam Sentinel, lighted

    Somebody on here mentioned a Gundam kit they were working on. I can't remember which it was. I'm building and lighting the Booster Unit S-Gundam. This is one of their older kits from the '90s. I'm not done yet, but here is the progress. All of the lighting is from HDA Modelworx. Here's the...
  2. stevethefish

    Argonauts 1:72 TIE Interceptor resin garage kit

    Go ahead and click the link to see the images properly. They do not display quite properly while the Tumblr post is embedded.
  3. stevethefish

    Imai/Bandai 1:72 Macross Super Valkyrie VF-1J with LEDs

    I had a thread on this build on the old SMA forum before it was haxxored. This is the old Imai 1:72 Super Valkyrie VF-1J kit, repopped by Bandai. It does not transform, but the legs can be extended forward for that pseudo-Gerwalk, VTOL mode. This is my favorite pose for the Valkyrie, with the...
  4. stevethefish

    Takara 1:100 Crusher Joe Fighter 1 plamo build

    For those of you who are on the Starship Modeler Forum, you may have seen this. It was on the Crusher Joe thread that has since fallen into oblivion because... darnit, KILOBYTES of data don't grow on trees, son! Here I have reproduced the posts I made to my Tumblr feed (link's in my sig file...
  5. stevethefish

    My 1:72 F-14A and F-15J legacy Hasegawa kit builds

    I'm still kinda getting my feet wet with jet aircraft builds, so I am practicing on these cheap kits. I'm glad I did, because I had some mishaps on these. I finished these two builds in May, during the whole stay-at-home nonsense. I understand that people complain about the price of Hasegawa...
  6. stevethefish

    F-4 Phantom love in Japan

    So 2020 is the final year Japan will fly their Phantoms before they finally decommission these beauties. Last December was the "Farewell to Phantoms" air show at the Hyakuri Air Base in Ibaraki Prefecture. I wasn't able to attend because I could not find any solid transportation arrangements...
  7. stevethefish

    Bandai Star Wars Vehicle Model 1:44 Gold Squadron Y-Wings

    Bandai Star Wars Vehicle Model 1:44 Gold Squadron Y-Wings September 16th, 2018 Here are Gold Leader, Gold 2 (aka Gold 5), and Gold 3. Lost primary, lost conscience. They came from behind! I painted all of these with Mr. Color 338 Light Gray (FS36495) as this is the color indicated by the Fine...
  8. stevethefish

    FS: Fine Molds Naboo Starfighter $32+ shipping from Japan

    A friend of mine in Canada had asked me to keep a look out for this kit here in Japan, and as soon as I found one I let him know, only to learn that someone in his local modeling club had already sold him one. I'm just looking to recoup the money I spent and I'm not looking to make a ton of...
  9. stevethefish

    So...we're back?

    I was surprised to see a notification in my email for this forum. It looks like Scott must've had an old backup from 2016 and rebooted the forum from that point. I kinda miss the black background though.
  10. stevethefish

    Aoshima 1:24 Knight Rider Season 1 K.I.T.T. build with front scanner LED

    Photo gallery on Tumblr YouTube video I built this as a gift for Brandon at Free Time Hobbies for his booth at Wonder Fest. He was selling the Aoshima Knight Rider models as well as the front scanner LEDs. He took it home with him and said it'll go on display at his store in Georgia.
  11. stevethefish

    Aoshima Lamborghini Sesto Elemento instruction error

    Hey, if anyone has purchased the Sesto or are planning to buy it, I'd like to direct your attention to an error I discovered in the instructions. Well, not so much of an error, but just a point that is unclear. When putting the exterior assembly together, take a look at step 14. The arrows...
  12. stevethefish

    How would you revamp/revive the old Halcyon Aliens kits?

    So I'm sure most of us are either familiar with or have built one or more of the old Halcyon kits. I bought the Narcissus that was reissued by Aoshima/Skynet over 10 years ago. On a shopping trip to Tokyo last August, I came across the Sulaco kit by Halcyon in a shop in the Broadway Building. I...
  13. stevethefish

    Bandai's new Star Wars mecha collection kits

    Star Destroyer and X-Wing mecha collection unboxings on YouTube. Star Destroyer parts pictures on Tumblr parts pictures on Tumblr No decals for the X-Wing; only those "marking seals." Nuts. Bandai released those Ultraman mecha collection kits with decals, so why not Star Wars? Not fair. The...
  14. stevethefish

    Bandai's new Macross Delta mecha collection kits

    I bought the Macross Delta VF-31J mecha collection mini plastic model this past weekend. I was led to believe by a Bandai rep that these kits would contain waterslide decals, just as their recent Ultraman mecha collection kits have. I was disappointed to find that they only have stickers. Ugh...
  15. stevethefish

    Any interest in retro futuristic prototype car models?

    I have been slowly working on my Aoshima BTTF DeLorean for a long time now. One car model I bought nearly a year ago is the 1:24 ARII Mercedes Benz C111 Midship Rotary prototype car. I showed an unboxing of this on my YT channel and it got a lot of positive reactions. How many car modelers are...
  16. stevethefish

    Hello from Japan

    Hi, I'm Greg. I usually go by Greg on forums where that username has not been taken. I go by TurkeyVolumeGuessingMan on Starship Modeler. My YouTube modeling channel is at and my modeling picture blog is at I am an American and...