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  1. lobo734

    Paint definitions for dumbies

    OK so maybe you fellow herders can help me out. I am looking for brief definitions to basic paint/painting terms. As I tried to write these down for a friend I realized that I was using a lot of terms interchangeably. Hopefully your inputs can clear up some confusion for the newbies and not so...
  2. lobo734

    Minwax Lacquer vs Decals (a tragic story)

    I usually put a coat of lacquer over my models after decals before I do final detail and weathering painting. I had t finished my Vulcan Shuttle from AMT (Over 120 decals, four nights worth of decals). So the next day I went to put my lacquer coat on it and I did not have any of my normal spray...
  3. lobo734

    Anatomy of a bottle of MicroSol

    Ok so here I am putting decals on my Star Trek Surak model last night and upset the model Gods. I have just set my bottle of MicroSol just within my reach and gently lay the cap unscrewed on top of it. I hear one of my kids enter the room, I turn around and low and behold I tip it over. Most...
  4. lobo734

    Borg Cube

    Does anyone have any references or threads that talk about building a Borg Cube? I have found some mentions of people scratch building with sprues but not much more than that .
  5. lobo734

    US Navy Photos

    This is a great site with tons of pics for US Ships.
  6. lobo734

    Best Kit Ever

    So here's the start of a thread that hopefully makes everyone think and is guaranteed to make some laugh, some cry and angry others. So the question I pose to you is this. What is the best kit ever made and why? Please be descriptive. Is the kit the best because of detail, the fit, ease of...
  7. lobo734

    Happy Easter

    To Scott, your family and the entire Nerd Herd. From myself and my family. Have a happy and blessed Easter.
  8. lobo734

    Help Help Fire

    I want to simulate an active fire coming from a small container. Any suggestions on how to achieve the effect?
  9. lobo734

    Florida/Georgia Aves Apoxie Help

    Does anyone know where I can pick up some Aves Apoxie in the south Georgia northern Florida area. I have seen quit a few videos showing how great it is but can't find anyplace to buy it. I'd prefer to go to an actual store in stead of buying it online but if I have to get it that way I will ???
  10. lobo734

    hello all

    Just returning to the hobby from about a 15 year absence. Wanting to bring my son into the hobby. He's only 4 but it seems most of us modelers are getting a little long in the tooth. Hopefully I'll be able to get him a simple kit he's interested in and if our patience holds out maybe we'll...