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  1. vw8243

    Tami kingtiger 1/35

    One a many kits ive started over the last while, aim to finish this one ,going wit just the one color wit some foliage, next sort out the tracks ,have a plan for a small dio for this.
  2. vw8243

    Berlin 45

    Hi I will post more on this in the coming weeks,just trying out the pic posting for now,
  3. vw8243

    italeri ; sdk.fz 234/2 puma

    hi all Got this on the go at the mo ,just love this series of armored cars, this one is built pretty much otb tho i did change the tools and jerry cans and added a few home made bits,. few pics
  4. vw8243

    break down in normandy

    hi all been doing a lot a building of late and i normally build to put into dios but of late i have been avoiding building any dios , dont know why cause i enjoy doing them. Anyway i made a start on this one yesterday its for a bergpanter and panzer 4, was undecided as to have them...
  5. vw8243

    3 ton wood burning truck

    Hi all was building this over the last few weeks, a nice easy build no probs with a nice otb model. the one thing i would have liked was that they left the lid open were the fuel goes in? ,will have to scratch a lid as i would like to have a guy putting some wood in the burner. pics taken...
  6. vw8243

    Jagdpanter late .

    hi all had this on the shelf in primer for a good while ,and as i was looking for somit to practice on with big steel plates, for that Jadgtiger in the stash i taught id refresh this and seehow it goes. Its otb build except for grills on engine deck,and ive since resurfaced the plates...
  7. vw8243

    tamiya kubel

    hi to all new here so just trying to find my feet ,a few pics of wip kubel converted to an ambulance, to be joined by a hetzer in a small dio, once i sort out some figs. for now .
  8. vw8243

    hi to all from ireland

    Hi to all Been snooping in the back ground for a while, taught id throw my lot in today, from cork city in Ireland . Do mostly 1/35 armor ,figs ,and a few dios, some great stuff on here, looking forward to learning from you all. Hope to contribute as best as i can, once i find...