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    Printing decals at home?

    This is a picture of a recent attempt that I made, to show how bad they are coming out and drying. the ink pools in spots when printed and ends up with blurry lines.
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    Printing decals at home?

    So my question to the people here who have printed at you make your own 100%, do you gather pictures from the internet and print those? Or do you just scan the set that came with the model as a backup set? My real burning question right now is how is the quality? I am stiff having...
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    Printing decals at home?

    Sometimes the ink does bead up on the paper, but even if it doesn't do that, the lines are blurry and undefined.
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    Printing decals at home?

    I have decided to try and scan some decals onto my computer to print at home should I mess up the originals, so now I have a few questions. I have tried already, and failed, but am not sure what I am doing wrong, are my expectations to high? Is it possible to get decals of the same quality as...
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    How to use Panel Line Accent?

    I paint with Vallejo paint by brush. Then I use Testors Glosscote to seal it. Then apply the Tamiya Panel line wash. The problem is trying to remove the excess panel wash from the surface. I use Testors enamel thinner on a q-tip to try to clean it. I must be doing something wrong because it...
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    Messed up decals?

    What do you do if you have messed up a decal and have no spare? I have just started to get back into model building, but this is something that worries me. I always worry about messing the decals up and ruining all of the hard work up that point. Are there places where you can buy just...