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  1. thegreatpumpkin

    IPMS/AMPS East 2010 call for judges

    Hi All, IPMS/AMPS EAST 2010 is fast approaching on September 24-25, 2010. This will be a first for the show, now being held for 2 days! For more info on the show itself, go to: . WE NEED JUDGES! For those of you who have attended the extravaganza, you’ll...
  2. thegreatpumpkin

    IPMS/AMPSEast 2009 call for judges

    Hi All, IPMS/AMPS EAST 2009 is fast approaching on September 26, 2009. For more info on the show itself, go to: We’ll be having all the usual fun: seminars, vendors and the contest. Which brings me to my next topic: the contest. WE NEED JUDGES! For those of you...
  3. thegreatpumpkin

    Decalcomaniacs! reissues: BEF & T-72's

    Hi All, Sometimes, things just get lost in the shuffle. This time, I lost 2 sheets of decals off the E-bay store! So, I’ve re-listed them. The two sheets in question are British Markings #1: The BEF, 1940 and T-72’s Around the World. As is customary, they will be selling for US$10 apiece...
  4. thegreatpumpkin

    IPMS AMPSEast 2009 is looking for some good judges

    Hi All, IPMS AMPSEast 2009 ( is now just a little over 2 months away. That being said, we are looking for judges! Last year we had 254 models. For the AMPS style of judging this was a mammoth task which we were hard-pressed to accomplish. I'm trying to prevent a repeat...
  5. thegreatpumpkin

    My built collection

    Hi Guys, Call it spring cleaning, but I've been kicking around the idea of re-arranging my built model collection. The collection's home is in my dining room, specifically in the china cabinet and a show case from a now-closed hobby shop. My very understanding wife likes it that way as is...
  6. thegreatpumpkin

    CAMS info

    Hi Guys, I'm interested in finding out about the CAMS show (I know it just happened, but I'm thinking about next year). If anyone has a link to the hosting organization's webpage, I'd be most grateful. Regards, Georg
  7. thegreatpumpkin

    My current build: Char B1 bis, Free French forces, 1944

    Hi Guys, I'm not sure if this the right forum for this, but here's my latest project. It's for the Bob Lessels memorial competition on Track-Link. This year's theme is NWE 1944. Since the French Army was reconstituted as the country was liberated, any and all equipment was impressed into...
  8. thegreatpumpkin

    Mark IV female dirigible tug

    Hi All, Here's my latest build (actually at the time of this post it's done, but I haven't taken any pictures yet). It's a Mark IV (female) being used by the Royal Navy as dirigible tug! It was just SO weird that I had to build it. The kit is the one by Emhar. The tracks are from Model...