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  1. Little Cutie

    Polar Lights Batmobile

    Does anyone know if the Polar Lights Batmobile is snap together? I don't know exactly were to ask, so I thought I'd try here. Thanks.
  2. Little Cutie

    Dick Clark dead at 82

    I know he didn't make music, but he DID popularize a lot of T.V. shows that we now enjoy today. He also paved the way for other things to come along since then.
  3. Little Cutie


    I just tried to go to the site, and it says that "This account has been suspended". WHA.....? :o Does anyone here know what happened?
  4. Little Cutie

    Red 5 refit

    OK - I know that everyone is burned out on seeing so many Red 5 models, but recently I decided that after refitting one that I built to be more accurate that I should start a thread on the refit alone. I'm going to offer these for sale for those who want a 100% ILM accurate model instead of the...
  5. Little Cutie

    1984 Davey Allison Thunderbird (tigerstriped)

    Some of these are blurry - sorry! I was using my Nikkon, and I don't have very many photos taken with this, as I'm still figuring out the features on it. I'll use a tripod from now on, it's so sensitive that if you move in the slightest, it'll blur the entire picture...
  6. Little Cutie

    T-800 Terminator 15" Arnold figure (battle damaged)

    This is a commision that I did for a member of another forum. This has taken me away from my X-wing build, but this is what I do to pay the bills now. I copied, and pasted this from last year. This is a project that I'm doing for Coffee Addict. This is the T-800...
  7. Little Cutie

    T-800 Terminator (battle damaged) 15" Arnold figure

    This is the Horizon battle damaged Arnold figure in 15" inch 1/6th scale. This is built up, and painted with all the weapons that you see in the movie, except for the vulcan machine gun. I'll send pictures through PM for those who are interested in it - I'm not going to waste any more time...
  8. Little Cutie


    I could do this, if I had all the tools to make my own. I wish I had a way to plate metal - that impresses me the most. This is a 1/6 scale replica of a 1932 Bentley. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. ~ Cutie
  9. Little Cutie

    Built in a week (Endo arm)

    I made this in about five days, working everyday for about three hours at a time. This is made from Aluminum, and styrene pieces. The fingers are all styrene, except for the finger tip ringlets (1/16" aluminum tubing), and the finger pistons are all sewing pins which I cut down to fit them. The...
  10. Little Cutie

    Recaster alert!

    Here is another recaster selling Master Replicas AT-AT recasts on ebay. I know that this has been announced on in the Hoth catagory(viewable by members only)and the rpf,but it seems that this guy still hasn't been caught yet! He's sold a few of these now. He goes by...
  11. Little Cutie

    Not another Red 5!!!

    Here are photos of a Red 5 I bought a while ago.
  12. Little Cutie

    Micheal Jackson,and Farrah Fawcett both died today

    WWW.MSN.COM reports that the self proclaimed "king of pop",and Farrah Fawcett both died today. Farrah Fawcetts' story is posted on MSNs' homepage,but the causes of Micheal Jacksons' death is still unknown at this time.
  13. Little Cutie

    Holgate Reynolds brick question

    Does anyone know where I can get some of this? I tried all the hobby links I could,and it seems that this stuff is impossible to find!
  14. Little Cutie

    T'V. Shows?

    Is there a catagory for T.V. shows? Maybe one that we can discuss our favourite props,and costumes,as well as story lines? I just wondered if there was,is,or will be one.
  15. Little Cutie

    Interest thread: Slave I kit in studio scale

    I'm posting this here,as I don't know where else to address this issue. I know this has been asked on other forums,so I'll ask here. Is anyone here interested in a studio scale Slave I? There is one being made,but it is a group build,and it's only for the ones contributing to it. There seems to...
  16. Little Cutie

    Scale modeling?

    * Editorial note: This has since been moved by the mods to the correct catagory. Does scale,as in scale modeling mean any scale? Is this only for big scale models? I only ask this,as I usually only build small models,as I only live in a small house.