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    Oshkosh M977 HEMTT GUNTRUCK

    I will be basing it on the academy 1/72 kit. I have just started some basic subassemblies and adding armor plate to the bed and cab. Will have some pics up when i have more of a result up. I am posting a pic of what i hope the end result will resemble. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Request to all video posters

    Please post pictures of the finished progress/subjects of your work along with the vids. Alot of times the vid quality is not enough to show off the work well or see what technique you are using to best effect. Also alot of times there isnt enough time to sit and watch alot of videos.
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    Armada Hobby MAZ-537

    My wonderful wife Jen got this for me as a valentines gift. It is the only kit of this vehicle being produced in 1/72. Overall the kit ia awesome for an eastern european garage kit. Casting is almost perfect. Just a couple air bubbles on minor locations. It could be built straight out of the box...
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    I like to shoot the breeze when im tinkering. Especially on weekends. If anyone here uses Skype just search this username with no space in it. Add me to your list and give me a call. If im on it im normally at my bench.
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    Panhard AML-90 and Renault VAB

    The AML 90 is the ACE kit and the VAB is the Heller kit. Oddly enough the VAB came with a resin and Photoetch update set to make it an ambulance variant. I didnt feel like doing that but i used the common parts to update the standard version. Im still adding details to it but should have it...
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    1/76 Scammell pioneer

    Airfix kit which will be about 85-90% scratchbuilt or modified in some way. Even the tire tread. No cab, bed, suspension or wheel parts are glued together yet which is why it all looks so wonky.
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    Metal Gear Rex back in stock

    For those who missed it or didnt know about it theres 9 left at Starship modeler.
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    1/16 tamiya jagdpanther

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Given the times im having to sell off a tank or 2. Starters is my 1/16 Tamiya Jagdpanther. Includes 2 7.2 v batteries and a techniplus 4 radio. Hope one of you guys likes it enough. Runs great and smooth...
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    Throwing my hat in

    With 2 tigers though. Both dragon. The King tiger hull was assembled for a while for zimmerit damaging. I just did the rest of the details and PE parts over the past couple days. The tiger 1 has been an on again offagain project for the past couple years. Zimmerit is done by hand on the tiger 1...
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    1/72 FAUN SLT-50 and TPZ-1 FUCHS.

    The main hauler is mostly assembled. Still yet more PE to add to the cab. I have also started on its cargo. The TPZ-1 Fuchs. Looking at this kit and my references its easy to see that with some careful work alot of the interior could be easily visible. The kit was made with seperate front doors...
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    1/72 Leopard 2A4

    Along with the Luchs i finished this up. Itsa revell kit as well. One odd thing was it was packaged as a Leopard 2A6. Revell threw the old 2A4 kit in with a new turret and other bits to make it look like a A6. However the upper hull is still wrong in that it has the old drivers hatch details and...
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    1/72 Spahpanzer Luchs

    Finished up this little guy today. Its the revell kit almost straight out of the box. Im really starting to like 1/72 armor. Its more affordable and less fiddly than some of the newer 1/35 subjects out there.
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    1/1400 Klingon cruiser

    This is the Ravenstar Studios 1/1400 ktinga Klingon Battlecruiser. Its going to be part of a secondary display of ships of the bad guys to go with my enterprise wall display. The bad guys display will have teh Reliant, Ktinga, Bird of prey, maybe some Son'a and romulan ships from the next gen...
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    SA-13 Gopher, Strela 10

    Well for the most part. Im going to have a misile launching from it and need to add some antenna lengths to it. The base model is the old Skif kit. The road wheels are from the trumpeter SA-6 and the track is link and length from accurate armour in scottland. The model went together ok overall...
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    Hasegawa Falke with some modification

    Ok here it is at last. My digital camera died but we got a new one. Im still learning its functions but i think these pics came out well. Ill post some of he better ones then a link to the main album will be below them. This took first place at the IPMS regionals in june. Heres the...
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    BAsement webcam LIVE! See me work

    Seeing everyone else do it i figured id jump in. Ill broadcast whenever i tinker. Stop in and say hi! _________________
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    Konigs Krote Ausf A

    This is the 1/20 scale konigs Krote. Its a very nicely made multimedia resin kit. Its also one of the more rare ma.K subjects. Yes the Konigs Krote did get a reissue recently but it is not the same as this version or the lunar version that was also available. Its built mostly straight from the...
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    1/1400 Trek wall display beginnings

    Alot of you know im not a rabid trek fan by any means. This does not mean i dont have an appreciation for the show. I also have great appreciation for those who are meticulous about recreating the finish on such models like the 1/350 refit. A few years back i wanted to get started doing a...
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    War of the Worlds Tripod (2005 Speilberg)

    Finished this beast up recently. Its a resin kit made by Randy Cooper. Its a beautiful kit. I had to add wire inside the legs to get it to support itself but other than that no mods were done. I left the "Food" cages off as these were on the machines only when they went foraging. When it first...
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    Pikes Peak Model Expo

    This weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Come one Come all. Bring your plastic and resin! COMPETE! Follow the link to learn more Yeah i know its pretty soon. Dont know why I didnt bring it up sooner. Maybe been too busy finishing my...