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  1. J

    F-15 Eggggg (LOL)

    Ok mates, guess it's time to throw something in...this is just for fun and basically is also my last completion so why not posting it?!? I've made it for Easter. It is the Hasegawa box, the Eggplanes serie, with box decals. Painted with Gunze's Mr. Color it was done in barely 8 hours...funny...
  2. J

    Painting section...HOW TO?!?!

    Ok mates... this is the section where you ask/share/tell/know everything about paints and related stuff... Basically there are ACRYLIC, ENAMEL and LAQUER but then it comes to HUMBROL, MODEL MASTER, LIFECOLOR, TAMIYA (enamel or acryl), GUNZE'S laquer or acryl, WHITE ENSIGN, ALCLAD, ZERO...