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    "Take'em down... NOW!!!"

    I have to adjust a couple of things, but I feStillel my figure painting is coming to a point, that I I am becoming satisfied with the results so far. Just have to keep at it. I think, I may still need to do another wash. The green is not exactly the green for this type of camo but that is what I...
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    LM 841 (weathering/Diorama commission work)

    I was given this new LM 841 to weather for a friend of mine, Rickard Algotsson. I decided to give this 1:50 scale model a go. It's a beautiful model with great details. Surprisingly enough, it is not made completely out of metal but the body part is mostly plastic. The arm connectors and joints...
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    My collection of Anti-Gravity Vehicles - (UPDATE!!!!!!)

    Hi all. I thought I'd share some of my scratch built and kit-bashed AG(anti-gravity) models with you. Hope you like them. Hold on to your seats...lots of photos: 1. The G-8 Cargo 'anti-gravity pod. This is a small low level cargo vehicle. One that conveys smaller goods and mechanical items...
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    The 'Junkster' Pod Racer

    It's been a while since my last build. I have started on another build taking another break from truck building, while gathering thoughts for my next one. I have several in mind but I am trying to figure out which one to choose and how to proceed. 'Till then, I am working on a pod racer. Yes...
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    Scania 142H Precast concrete Haul build

    The tractor is almost done. Still experimenting with different weathering techniques and some more detailing. I have been working on the trailer for the Scania 142H long based chassi for some time now. So far this is where I am. I also toned down some of the weathering on the passenger side...
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    Scrap 'Tire' Container Haul

    The container is supposed to be filled to the brim with scrap tires but I did not have sufficient to achieve this. So ill have to get my hands on some tires that no one has a need for. A little more toning the weathering on the container, behind the cab, and minute detailing and it is...
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    Wasteland Hover Bike Version MK IV

    This build was inspired from a 3D artist drawing of a wasteland hover bike, I found on the net. The 3D drawing gave me the fuel to build something similar. But as always, I kind of like to tweak things to give it my personal design. The build is a mixture of 60% kitbashing and 40% scratch...
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    'No name' diorama

    Have not decided on a name for this diorama yet. So if you have any suggestion, please share. Still need to add a couple more things, then I will be satisfied.
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    Rebel Transporter (Total X-wing re-paint)

    s always, I am always experimenting with different types of modeling. Well, these are pre-built models from the X-wing role playing game expansion pack, that I had bought because I wanted to try my hand at some Star Wars stuff. I am not so much interested in the game itself, but the models. I...
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    F1 Hover Race Car

    Here is a What-if model I have been working on for a while. Still not completely done but wanted to basically test out a homebullt light box I built. So here are some shots of how it turned out after several editing in Infranview photo editor. Still not perfect but better than anything I have...
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    Toyota 'military' pickup

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    Hover Bike...

    ...almost done. Need a small base and take somer better pics. Trying to construct a photo light box to get the best shots for my models. So I apologies for the wash out photos.
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    ALS (Atmospheric Land Speeder) Mark II, Version 1

    OK guys and gals. This is my first SF model. I have alsways been interested in SF models but military modeling has always been my first love. But this time I wanted to try something different and decided to go for it with both feet in. So I decided I wanted to make my first entry into the...
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    The Tales of two 'Technical' Pick-up trucks

    I think the Hi-lux some of you may have seen. The other was meant for the 'Close Contact' diorama but replaced the pickup with the Merc. Hope you like the pics. Still need to do a little more up here and there but it is practically done. Sorry for the bad quality pics. I am waiting for my new...
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    'Close Contact' Diorama (WIP)

    I have come a long way with this diorama and had not think to post it here but thought it might be helpful to some others. So here goes: Hello everyone. Here I go again . It's been a while and a new year. :) Thought you might like to see what I have been up to during the last week. I wanted to...
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    Working on this for a while. I have been looking at many pics of Slum areas from around the world and thought it would be 'different' to model something using this subject matter as an inspiration. I have not seen many or should I say, this subject matter, modelled before. As always, I try to be...
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    'Get it working' dio...

    ...portrays a Libyan mechanic working on the rocket launcher. Please go easy on me as this is my first major work with figures. I have been shy about painting figures due to my inexperience. The dio is 99% done. I am still adding details to certain areas. So here are the pics...
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    Volvo F16 Globetrotter

    I've been looking for this model for a while and finally got it. The fittings were 'ok', but the worst part was the grill which did not fit together very well. I've seen the real vehicle and they do have a reasonable amount of space between the front cab and the grill but not that much. Although...
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    23-window rusted VW bus vignette

    Been working on this for the last 3 days now and this is what I put together. Hope you all approve. If you look closely you'll see some bird eggs inside the right side headlight opening.
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    Overturned Truck Vignette

    Been working on this for a while. Not 100% complete but almost. Still got some dents to immitate on the cab and more weathering on the trailer chassi but all-in-all, is pretty much done.