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    New member, old school builder

    Watched some vids about Hiro models and how they make the parts...amazing. One day have to try one...
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    The next project has ARRIVED!!!

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    Meng Kawasaki H2

    More progress..built the cooler lines radiator hoses and colored the exhaust and built the brake lines
  4. H2 5000.jpg

    H2 5000.jpg

  5. H2 6000.jpg

    H2 6000.jpg

  6. H2 3000.jpg

    H2 3000.jpg

  7. H2 4000.jpg

    H2 4000.jpg

  8. H2 2000.jpg

    H2 2000.jpg

  9. H2 1000.jpg

    H2 1000.jpg

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    New member, old school builder

  11. K

    Prototype S-foil positioning mechanism - X-wing

    Next level stuff!
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    Meng Kawasaki H2

    The oil cooler..Just wrapped it in lead wire then 2 more wires..Its weird that they just had it as a block with nothing going to it..Its pretty visible. Now have to make the hoses. Waiting on the clear hoses for the brake lines.. Then more work on the exhaust..have to add more blue and some...
  13. model h.jpg

    model h.jpg

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    Back in the game

    Its how I'm learning to do all the stuff I didn't do as a kid. Nandemo-seisaku TV (Kenji's Plamodel Diary) This guy is good
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    Meng Kawasaki H2

    Some more progress while I wait for more stuff to make the brake lines. Now going to try to make the tiny spring connectors for the exhaust. Good utube vid about that.
  16. model 1000.jpg

    model 1000.jpg

  17. model 2000.jpg

    model 2000.jpg

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    USS Enterprise E from Star Trek Nemesis

    This is pretty amazing...or as spock would say.....fascinating...
  19. K

    Meng Kawasaki H2

    And..the air brush and compressor are I just need the fiddly bits to get the hoses all set up..and start practicing..
  20. air comp 2.jpg

    air comp 2.jpg