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  1. Wolf Star

    The next project has ARRIVED!!!

    Paint work is outstanding! Nicely done.
  2. Wolf Star

    New member, old school builder

    Welcome to the forum.
  3. Wolf Star

    The next project has ARRIVED!!!

    Looks great!!!
  4. Wolf Star

    Liquid glues

    I'll usually just buy a big can of IPS Weld On or Tap Plastics cement and then transfer what I need into empty Tamiya bottles. I use a lot of it, and a can will last me a couple of years.
  5. Wolf Star

    The next project has ARRIVED!!!

    Cool, I've always wanted to see a build up of this kit.
  6. Wolf Star


    ^^^ I watched Andy from Andys HHQ on youtube build one of those. Aside from a ship-mounted canon alone, that kit just screams for some sci-fi kitbash.
  7. Wolf Star

    Covering Fire Diorama

    Looks great Jim, I think you found your calling!
  8. Wolf Star

    Meng Kawasaki H2

    Looks great. As a motorcyclist and a model maker, I have this dichotomy about bike models. Love building them, but the more they go together, the more little fragile bits stick off in every direction. There's like this point of diminishing returns that the closer you get to completion, they...
  9. Wolf Star


    I have a Takom Panther A in the pipeline but I haven't built any components yet. Looks really nice IMO.
  10. Wolf Star

    Fine Molds 1/144 Jango Fett's Slave 1

    While waiting for goodies for the Stug IV diorama to arrive, I did some work on sorting out my asteroid/base for this and finally decided where I want to route the wiring and tube mount for the ship itself. AOTC asteroid scene... I managed to comandeer the Finn figure from my 1/144 Millennium...
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  13. Wolf Star

    Blohm & Voss BV 155V-1

    How do you find the MM paint? I have 2 bottles but haven't used them.
  14. Wolf Star


    I like hairspray. It's cheap. I have some Vallejo chipping medium, but I have not tried it yet for comparison.
  15. Wolf Star

    Hello from Orange County California

  16. Wolf Star

    Tamiya Stug IV

    Thanks. I have to: Finish weathering the tank and figure out the stowage items, but the final weathering will have to match the ground work. Still waiting for my figures, they are coming from Taiwan and may be awhile. Work on the grass work, other terrain stuff, blown out bricks, headstones and...
  17. Wolf Star

    Tamiya Stug IV

    Blocking out my dio.
  18. Wolf Star

    I return to this section of the cosmos with MODELS

    Nice work! My 9 year old is a Godzilla nut, I'm helping him build his first kit right now, the smaller PL Godzilla. That and work stuff have sort of sidelined a couple of my current builds, but with the long weekend I hope to have some updates on my own stuff. Welcome back.
  19. Wolf Star