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  1. Hagoth

    Prototype S-foil positioning mechanism - X-wing

    Figured I'd post an update of my latest progress for this project with the MPC scale. Successfully motorized it. Motors are internal and soon so will be the electronics and power supply. Folding wing root panels have been successfully incorporated into the wing mount mechanism. My goal of a...
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  5. Hagoth

    Corsair 1/48

    That's looking nice. I think I might need to do one of these at some point.
  6. Hagoth

    Making police cars out of 1:18 scale diecast muscle cars

    Nice! I think you've got these conversions down!
  7. Hagoth

    Clever Work-Around

    Well, if rigorous attitude doesn't explain the price it is certainly used to justify it. Their philosophy " create and produce first-class products" could be a valid claim but too high of a price can affect the perceived value and drag the first class claim down. I don't know what they...
  8. Hagoth

    Clever Work-Around

    Wow. Yeah, with that perspective I would agree. Pricey.
  9. Hagoth

    Preview of new items from Shizuoka Hobby Show 2021

    Nice looking A-10 there. Italeri seems to be coming out with some nice looking kits.
  10. Hagoth

    Clever Work-Around

    Looks like a nice kit. At just over 14" long with included PE parts and a wood deck it should make an impressive looking display. A little ouchy on the price but then my thought was maybe $70 is about right? Trumpeter that it's based off of is only $22? Hmmm, maybe not. Is PE and wood worth...
  11. Hagoth

    Supermarine Spitfire 1/72

    Really nice job on that Spitfire.
  12. Hagoth

    SR-71 Blackbird 1/72 Italeri

    Great job on this! One of my favorite planes.
  13. Hagoth

    My First Diorama

    Really nice looking job here. I love "seeing" someone else's story
  14. Hagoth

    Hanomag 251/1 diorama

    Love the look of using lichen and dried moss for bushes and grass. Never had any ticks on what I've collected. Blendering up bark for darker earth sounds like a great tip. I'll have to try that. I've also used fine sawdust dyed various shades of green, yellow, and natural brown to simulate...
  15. Hagoth

    Revell SpPz 2 Luchs A1 1:35

    Cool! A 1940's Stryker!
  16. Hagoth

    Sherman Easy 8 716 battalion

    Nice! When the objective of the mission is obtained you'll have to take and post a celebration picture!
  17. Hagoth

    M1025 HUMVEE IRAQ 1991 - Tamiya 1:35

    Nicely done, keeping with the "nice" theme here. Clever ad placement with the Pepsi.
  18. Hagoth

    Back Again

    Welcome! I share your interest in aircraft and SciFi. Looking forward to what you bring to the mix.
  19. Hagoth

    Hanomag 251/1 diorama

    Nice capture of action! I remember the Elmer's glue/blue dye technique for water back in the day building an HO scale train board. Took forever to dry back then as well.