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  1. ShutterAce


    Just in time! :P During WW2 Richard Dunnette Link trained in PBY's at Corpus Christi and later flew PBM's operationally in the pacific. Monday will be his 91st birthday. I'll be delivering this to his daughter tomorrow afternoon. I made sure it was well used. A lot of training aircraft were...
  2. ShutterAce

    Out of the Box Review: Academy 1/350 FFG-7 USS Oliver Hazard Perry

    I would have posted this sooner but I thought it had to go through Scott first. Not so. Out of the Box Review: Academy 1/350 FFG-7 USS Oliver Hazard Perry
  3. ShutterAce

    Academy 1/350 FFG-7 USS Oliver Hazard Perry Dual Build (ShutterAce and wyoroy)

    Off and runnin'. Maybe Roy will catch up. ;D The structure is just sitting on the deck.
  4. ShutterAce

    Workbench Update: August 2012 - Part 1

    I struggled with where to put this because it's mainly armor but I decided this was the usual place. :-\ Enjoy! Workbench Update: August 2012 - Part 1
  5. ShutterAce

    Workbench Update: July 2012

    Quick build PBY for a Veteran who flew them and other mayhem. Workbench Update: July 2012
  6. ShutterAce

    1/72 PST KV-2

    I won this from Grendels during his 1000 subscriber YouTube Contest prize giving frenzy. It's not a bad kit at all. A little flash but other than that it fits well so far. Thanks John!
  7. ShutterAce

    B&W Frankies Flivver

    Almost there. I just need to tidy the car up a little and do some drybrushing in white. Frankie needs a bit more than that. Tidy up the face. Paint in some eyes. Maybe I'll finish him with a nice wash of black India Ink. Haven't used that in a while. Oh, and then of course the DullCote. Yep...
  8. ShutterAce

    Painting in Black and White

    Ok Guys and Gals, Have you ever painted a kit to look like a B&W photo? I'm looking for anything anybody wants to throw out there. I'm want to try it on my current project. It sounded like a good idea. ;D :P ::)
  9. ShutterAce

    Wha' Happen'

    What did I do? Base colors are Tamiya thinned with ISO. ID band is PollyScale thinned with Future. The base coats were sprayed a year ago. ???
  10. ShutterAce

    Workbench Update: May 2012

    Workbench Update: May 2012
  11. ShutterAce

    COMPLETED: 1/48 Tamiya P-51D CAF

    Another one done. C.O.'s P-51D 4th Fighter Group CAF Krylon Matte Aluminum overall with Mike Grant Decals Enjoy!
  12. ShutterAce

    I can almost see the top of my workbench!!!

    I started it many moons ago. It's not bad. The windscreen doesn't fit worth beans and I lost the gunsight somewhere. That's ok though because it was just a blob of plastic. I'll attach one at a later date. Maybe...
  13. ShutterAce

    WestFest 2012

    Pics from my clubs show April 28th.
  14. ShutterAce

    Tamiya 1/48 IAF Mossie Mk.VI FB

    This one is supposed to make the contest table next Saturday. :-\
  15. ShutterAce

    Upcoming Show: WestFest 2012

    Just wanted to drop you all an invitation just in case you happen to be in the area...
  16. ShutterAce

    Go Speed Racer Go!

    I'm in! ;D BSC 2012 Entry
  17. ShutterAce

    February Workbench Update and Some Extras

    February Update - WestFest and Other Stuff
  18. ShutterAce

    Aftermarket X-Wing Stuff

    Where can I get an aftermarket cockpit and other stuff for the AMT X-Wing kit. I have the Flight Display version and the 1997 re-release. I think they are the same plastic. There is no cockpit to speak of. THX
  19. ShutterAce

    The Plastic Scale Modelling Hour on Warbird Radio

    I've been listening while sitting at the table building. Anybody else heard of it? Scott G, I'd bet you could get on. ;)
  20. ShutterAce

    The Tool Box

    Tool Tip: The Tool Box