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  1. Peppylepugh

    Tamiya Stug IV

    That’s looking pretty good Wolf. I’m liking the color shifting on the top view in particular. Shows it off most excellent. Keep bringing it. Those old classics are so underrated anymore these days. What with $70 US for the same Dragon, you can build a platoon and at normal viewing distances...
  2. Peppylepugh

    Internet Hobbies LLC

    Seems to be a second business in the same general location and uses the same format to the website.
  3. Peppylepugh

    Kitty Hawk and Panda brands are going away

    Food for thought. You never really own that growing pile, it owns you. Haven’t heard any good about them. They have some interesting subjects, but nye unbuildable. Quotes ‘worse kit I’ve ever built’ ‘never again’. Doesn’t make me want to rush out with out me hat.
  4. Peppylepugh

    1962 Ford Thunderbird

    wj, very nice color combos.
  5. Peppylepugh

    Corsair 1/48

    Oh, that’s very good. I do like that.
  6. Peppylepugh

    Newbie Stupid question on acrylic paint

    The gentleman I consider the King of Craft Acrylics The one and only Chris Chapman. I haven’t used Americana brand, but have used both Folkart and AppleBarrel with Future Floor Polish, Wax, whatever they are calling it now. In a more or less 50-50 mix and sprays very nicely. With or...
  7. Peppylepugh

    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    I have gotten one similar to this. The letter is saying Chris Decker has taken over the Squadron name. Anybody know the guy? I do wish him the best of luck with it all
  8. Peppylepugh

    Looking for a replica of the White House

    I can recall two. One was the old box scale Lindberg Line kit. Good gravy the molds on that have gotta date from the ‘50’s and you’d be lucky if it was 1 foot long if that. The other was a company 4D, I’m not even sure if it was made of plastic, more like a puzzle, than anything. For...
  9. Peppylepugh

    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    I do apologize for the late response, Baron. Yeah, he is right there, very easy to get to. Used to have the shop out in Yonkers NY by the same name. He, is personable enough, but odd. Now I haven’t been there in a couple years. Used to have some of the strangest hours he did. You could go there...
  10. Peppylepugh

    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    @stevethefish Hey there Greg, I was quite surprised a couple months back when I had a notification that the forum here was back up. I never heard why they had stopped. Scott, is actually on my friends list on what’s left of fb, and while we aren’t in contact all the time, I don’t remember it...
  11. Peppylepugh

    Can't Escape It

    Aw, c’mon man, you know he only did this to show his new girl friend he’s got game and maybe get some trim without working that hard for it. I’ve cut as much out of it out of my life and influences as I can get to without resorting to real mayhem. This includes family members. Is it petty? I...
  12. Peppylepugh

    My experiments with chrome paint and clear coat

    Jon, very interesting experiment. The hatched lines I’m seeing in the pictures are they the layer lines you are talking about? Silver and chromes are going to amplify them tremendously. Are they more like a scratch in the surface. Fairly consistent across the casting (Sample)? Are something...
  13. Peppylepugh


    Yeah they will work. Basement and inside will be great. Keep the air circulating and you be doing fine. Better yet, extract outside. You can spray anything, as long it doesn’t bother the rest of the house you’ll be golden. I always have a tough time with lighting. You can never have enough.
  14. Peppylepugh

    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    @stevethefish Hey there Hoss. Glad to see you back on the boards here. Your old you tube bud, Dave Pugh, here. I don’t know if yt even bothered to tell you of a name change to my old channel there. I switched it the Cellar Dweller a couple months back. Had to take a break from it all a...
  15. Peppylepugh

    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    @the Baron I thought I had read somewhere you were out of the Lehigh Valley. We’ve probably bumped into each other if you’ve ever been to MosquitoCon. Out of Tunkhannock. That’s a 90 mile, one way ride for me just to the Valley. We have a couple places in Scranton that are long imbedded, but...
  16. Peppylepugh


    Hey Dave. Yeah, you don’t need to get all of the ‘like to get’ items right away. Ease into it. I guessing paint is probably what you need to talk about first. First question, where you going to be able to do this at? Inside, outside. Your own cave?
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    Hey Mike
  18. Peppylepugh

    Blohm & Voss BV 155V-1

    Thank you I’ll look that up.
  19. Peppylepugh

    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    Let’s see if we can kick this one up again. I’d have to agree with you here Baron. I thought their full retail pricing was out-completely ragious. I’d bought a couple things that were on sale, but spotty purchases over the years at best. Now for the boomer alert. I can remember them, well the...