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  1. the Baron

    Back in the game

    Welcome back to the hobby and welcome to the Herd, KS! I saw your Honda thread, nice progress on that bike. I look forward to seeing more progress shots! Best regards, Brad
  2. the Baron

    1972 CB750 racer

    Well, it looks like you're coping with those issues nicely, KS! I like the color; that finish looks good. And welcome to the Herd, too! Best regards, Brad
  3. the Baron

    Just something I made

    It would be an interesting thread, for each of us to show any similar innovations, creations, hacks, etc, that we've come up with on our benches. I did this one-a home-made paintbrush rest: I have some other brush holders on my bench, like a block of wood with holes drilled in it, and an old...
  4. the Baron

    Just something I made

    Cool idea!
  5. the Baron

    Looking for guidance and suggestions with upgrades

    Welcome to the Herd, Doc! Do you have the HobbyBoss Kearsarge yet? You might need to see the kit, to decide how much aftermarket detailing you want to ad. I have the HobbyBoss 1/700 Arizona kit, which I am converting to the Pennsylvania circa 1935. I was gung-ho for the project when I...
  6. the Baron

    Corsair 1/48

    Excellent job on the pilot!
  7. the Baron

    Jaguar XKE 1/8 scale by Aurora Products - Looking for Assembly Instructions

    Or try Scalemates, too, and see if anyone has uploaded the instructions there.
  8. the Baron

    this other thing I'm building

    Great progress, Mo! Tamiya has at least 1 set of barnyard animals in 1/35, too. It includes a German Shepherd, along with other familiar animals. It might still be in production, but I know it comes up on the secondary market (eg, eBay) often.
  9. the Baron

    Newbie Stupid question on acrylic paint

    I use tap water, but I wouldn't discourage anyone from using distilled water. Also, I don't use any other additives, like a retarder. I'll second WJB, I thin it to the consistency of whole milk. The only caution I have for airbrushing craft store paints, like Americana, but also Folk Art or...
  10. the Baron

    Internet Hobbies LLC

    Yeah, I tell people who have run-ins with IH to contact our AG's office, whether they live here in PA or not.
  11. the Baron

    Newbie Stupid question on acrylic paint

    First, there's no stupid question, except the one that goes unasked. Or, if you ask the same question over and over again. That indicates a deeper problem. Second, remember that "acrylic" doesn't mean "water-based". It's just that the more popular lines of acrylic paints today are...
  12. the Baron

    Looking for help finding miniatures

    I'll second Momo. in 1/250 scale, there aren't a lot of off-the-shelf figures or kits of figures. It's not a common scale. Recently, there have been ship kits released in 1/200 scale, and there are some aftermarket items, including crew figures. But that one isn't too common, either. I would...
  13. the Baron

    Looking for a replica of the White House

    Here's a Marx kit on eBay: I have no connection to this auction or this seller. There are other auctions for this kit right now, but they start at a hundred bucks and go up from there.
  14. the Baron

    Internet Hobbies LLC

    Yeah, he's notorious. If you do a web search, you'll find many, many threads and posts, across forums, and across business rating websites, from people who have gotten burned by IH. And here in the Herd, besides the thread Momo referenced, here's a link to a post in the thread about Squadron...
  15. the Baron

    Making police cars out of 1:18 scale diecast muscle cars

    Excellent conversions, Jon!
  16. the Baron

    Looking for a replica of the White House

    4'x3' is a much taller order. As a rough guess, that's got to be between 1/24 and 1/12 scale, perhaps? I don't know of anyone who ever produced a kit of the White House in anything close to that scale. Unless it would be someone in the doll house hobby. Most doll house furniture and kits are...
  17. the Baron

    Looking for a replica of the White House

    Marx-Louis F Marx, Co, the toy makers, made a kit. It was an adjunct to their series of plastic figures of the Presidents. White plastic, and not a bad kit. It was listed as 1/48 scale. I have one, and I'd say that's about right. Here's an article on it at Scalemates...
  18. the Baron

    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    To this thread's topic, posted at is a notice that Knot Models, of Peachtree Crossings, GA, has bought the business assets of Squadron back in April, and expects to relaunch the brand in June: (don't let the text mask on the hyperlink fool you-you will see...
  19. the Baron

    Squadron is now Kaput ( who next ? )

    Ah, OK, I heard of your club, when we were starting ours. We considered where the nearest clubs were, and from Scranton to Philly, there was no one in between. We have a pretty dedicated bunch of about 15 people, and online, about another 10 or so who participate regularly. We're getting...