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  1. ScarredKustoms

    'Close Contact' Diorama (WIP)

    Looks awesome so far ... will be watching this "borrowing" ideas.
  2. ScarredKustoms

    70'Hemi Cuda project

    Cool build ... inspires me to do something with the pile of parts I have.
  3. ScarredKustoms

    1/12 1937 Cord Rat Rod

    Going through my parts box I ran acrossed a bunch of pieces to a 1/12 1937 Cord ... looks like the old AMT kit ... remember I got the model from my mother as parts from someone she knew ... someone else had started it and gave up .... I had started reworking it to make a rat rod but life got in...
  4. ScarredKustoms

    2014 BSC Categories

    Excited for the contest this year ... Might actually enter instead of cheering from the sidelines ... now like everyone else, have to decide what I want to build.
  5. ScarredKustoms

    Show us your mancave(s)!

    Thanks cargoman, and it is amazing how fast you can fill a space Webby, doesn't help that I have a problem with throwing things away.
  6. ScarredKustoms

    Life size Predator wall hanger bust.

    Great and inspiring job... you have skills!
  7. ScarredKustoms

    Sucker Punch B-25 Build Log

    Nice! I'll be keeping my eye on this build.
  8. ScarredKustoms

    Midwest Skiff kit

    Very cool always wondered about those boat kits. Something different, nice build.
  9. ScarredKustoms

    Show us your mancave(s)!

    Thank you! I love having space to work on all my hobbies!
  10. ScarredKustoms

    A Devil :)

    AWESOME .... will be picking your brain when I do my Pumkinhead kit :D
  11. ScarredKustoms

    Show us your mancave(s)!

    Finally have a mancave I can call home. ;D Bought house 4 months ago and between getting settled in, remodeling bathrooms and everything else that goes along with moving .. I was able to set up a "few" work areas. General workbench/gunsmithing Modeling bench Mold making Bench Gaming and...
  12. ScarredKustoms

    2 years 1 month and 1 day

    :o since I last posted .... I am still alive and kicking and will post new work space(s) soon. Going to try and stick around this time. Welcome all the new people since I've been gone. Glad to see the forum alive and well and the magazine is doing great. (Been watching from the sidelines)
  13. ScarredKustoms


    I want a real one!! Awesome job!
  14. ScarredKustoms

    Back Again ... hopefully to stay

    Thank you all! Glad to be back to normal whatever that is. Good to see some old faces (pun intended) and some new lol .. will be adding a wip soon.
  15. ScarredKustoms

    Back Again ... hopefully to stay

    Yep back ... 1 divorce 2 reloctions and 3 jobs later, I am set back up to do some modeling ... scale modeling that is ...
  16. ScarredKustoms

    Still Kicking!

    Just checking in has been awhile .... feel so outta the loop :-\ Glad to see the contest is going great! Hope to be moved and able to get back to the hobby before winter hits. Planning on taking some time and updating the gallery tonight ;D Hope this message finds you all doing well Roger...
  17. ScarredKustoms

    Taking a break

    Thank you everyone for the kind word and support I will be popping in from time to time. Will be updating the gallery as I can get the time ... Still looking at doing the large update featuring mostly automotive ... will end up doing one for each category.
  18. ScarredKustoms

    Taking a break

    To all my friends I have ment here at SMA just wanted to give you all a heads up, that I am forced to take a break from modeling once again. Family obligations and work have taken the forfront. With family moving in I had to empty out my modeling room. Which I am happy to do to help out family...
  19. ScarredKustoms

    1941 Chevy Pickup Lowrider

    :o :o :o
  20. ScarredKustoms

    the big 21

    Happy bithday brother!