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  1. MakingModelsAgain

    Anyone got their Badger?

    I'm still just so ecstatic I won something... anything, Badger could take until next year to post it and I'd still be over the moon! Thanks again Scott! (and everyone who voted) :)
  2. MakingModelsAgain

    ALL-OPEN Entry - Revell 1/72 P-47D-30 with a ton of after-market!

    I won't have the opportunity to start and finish anything as a new build in time for this contest, so will have to make do with entering the All-Open category with this effort! It's my 1st completed kit since returning to the hobby after a spell of nearly three decades. I used this primarily as...
  3. MakingModelsAgain

    Howdy-do from St Andrews in the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland!

    Been following SMA on YouTube for a while where I have my own channel and just had to enter the contest - hence my registration! I am a regular on the Britmodeller forum as well, but this one looks so cool! Due to upcoming commitments, I doubt if I will get anything started and finished in the...
  4. MakingModelsAgain

    1/32 Revell Mitsubishi A6M5 Rei-Sen

    Beautiful build and fantastic weathering. It's easy to go overboard on Japanese planes and this is just perfect.