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  1. DXM

    Space Wolves Wolf Lord Ragnar Blackmane

    A customer where I work ask for this commission. He hated the original metal Ragnar model. We wanted the figure running, having him winding up for a strike, to make the Frost Blade a two handed weapon instead of just a chainsword and make the figure bigger than the original metal Ragnar model...
  2. DXM

    Egyptian Terrain

    Did these 6 piece for the gaming tables at work. I had pieces left over from a commission doing an Egyptian Dungeon. The pieces are cast from the Hirstart Molds [attachment deleted by admin]
  3. DXM

    Great Wallpaper site....

    Found this site with over 3/4 of a million wallpapers for your computer... Please don't blame me for the hours you will waste ( just like me ) but boy are there some nice pictures there.
  4. DXM

    The Force is Strong in this One

    Little girl join dark side I like Darth Vader's reaction.. ;D
  5. DXM


    Had this snap kit on my shelf for years and couldn't figure what to do with it until now. It's going to be in the After-Life category as a Death Race PT. Have to widen the fender to accept the larger wheels and chop the roof, widen and lengthen the roof so the pillars are almost back in the...
  6. DXM

    2011 Spring Contest

    Any idea when it is supposed to start. I really want to enter this year but I'm itchin' to start. Thanks
  7. DXM

    Cool Game Trailers......

    After watching these trailers by Blur Studios who need actors anymore. I wish they would make movies like these.
  8. DXM

    Well...I'm actually working on my Ma.k Fireball

    Took a break from the Deff Dread I'm working on and put alittle work on my Fireball. It was supposed to be done for a contest in October....oh well. It's almost built out of the box but I added a...
  9. DXM

    Big Dollar Figure Contest

    Saw this, a $10,000 prize for Best of Show in a Figure
  10. DXM

    Reference Material: Rust, Dust and Destruction

    Found this site, Great reference for derelict buildings & machinery. Click the British Flag at the of of the page to translate. Nice pictures of a rusted JS-152 ( Page 2 )
  11. DXM

    AT-43 O-3 & Plaster Plinth/Base - WIP

    I'm in the process of redoing and repainting a Lt. Dragomira O-3 from the game AT-43. The Walker comes...
  12. DXM

    WW2 Meets Sci-Fi - Cool Video

    Saw this a few years ago and found it again. Has everything Action, P-51 Mustangs and Robots CODE GUARDIAN - Part One CODE GUARDIAN - Two Or you can download it here ( Best Quality )...
  13. DXM

    Does anyone make a 120mm Tanker?

    I know this is the tank section but it's related. I've been looking for any companies that produces 120mm Russian or US Tank Crew I've seen Verlinden's which is ok,not my favorite. I remember a while ago that John Rosengrant did kinda self portrait of himself as a tanker seated in the coppola...
  14. DXM

    Hello From Another Canuck...

    Just dropping a line to say hello. Been watching the youtube videos and then wandered over. I'm from Toronto. Presently I've been building mostly Sci-Fi but in the past have build almost everything, if it has the LCF ( Look Cool Factor ) I like it. You can see some of my work from the past few...