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  1. Jedi2x98

    Raised Panel Lines

    hey, so i have an Italeri U-2R Senior Span in 1/48 scale and it has raised panel lines. is it better to rescribe them and do a panel line wash or just pre-shade them? if i need to rescribe them, how to?? ???
  2. Jedi2x98

    [WoMW] Entries and Group Build Questions

    Well, doesn't seem too late, so i'm joining in! :D Academy's F-8P Crusader ' French Navy Special ' 1/72 scale. ;D
  3. Jedi2x98

    Gloss Coats

    Just asking, will the type of gloss coat that you use affect the paint? (Smudge it and stuff) :-\ And is there any Acrylic Gloss Coat in Spray Can form? Thinking of getting them....
  4. Jedi2x98

    Cockpit detailing

    Well, aircraft models have really detailed cockpit sometimes, but i just mess it up. Anyone has any advice and stuff on cockpit detailing? Thanks!;D
  5. Jedi2x98

    McDonnell-Douglas F-15B Eagle, 71-0290-Anyone got the colour scheme?

    Well, this F-15B looks really good and im planning on making it, but i dont have the full colour scheme and patterns for this aircraft. Anyone has any info on this? :-\
  6. Jedi2x98

    link your youtube channel Here it is.... Mostly bout Aircraft modelling. Not much vids yet though.... ;D
  7. Jedi2x98

    Italeri 1/48 F-16 ADF Green Lightning

    My Italeri 1/48 scale of the F-16 ADF Green lightning is completed! :D Inbox review followed by the build.... Italeri 1/48 F-16 Fighting Falcon Special Colours - Inbox Review Italeri 1/48 F-16 Fighting Falcon Special Colours - The Build Enjoy! ;D Jedi2x98
  8. Jedi2x98

    Attach youtube video?

    This question may be a little dumb but how do you attach a youtube video into the 'New topic' so i can post a youtube video onto the forum?
  9. Jedi2x98

    Spray Cans!

    Ahh okay thanks but is primer really needed to be applied? Will it still be okay if no primer is applied on? :-\
  10. Jedi2x98

    Hasegawa 1/48 F-4 Phantom

    Nice Phantom you got there! Anyways, what were the black lines after your coat of Sky Grey on the aircraft? Is it to see the panel lines after the paint? Thanks alot appreciate it if you give a instructions on how to do it! ;D
  11. Jedi2x98

    Spray Cans!

    Ahh okay thanks! Maybe purchasing Tamiya Spray cans.... Any advice on those?
  12. Jedi2x98

    Spray Cans!

    Planning on using spray cans to spray paint my models, but is non modelling brands safe to use on my models? :-\
  13. Jedi2x98

    Italeri F-16 Fighting Falcon Special Colours 1/48 Scribing of panel lines?

    Panel Lines! Does the F-16 Fighting Falcon Special Colours by Italeri need further scribing of panel lines? Kinda new at it so yea...... ;D