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  1. Exarkun77

    Need quick tip for a chopper build: bending blades

    I almost finished a Kamov KA-52 small kit (1/72). It will be displayed landed, So i need a quick tip on how to slightly bend the rotor blades towards the ground. Thinking of 2 thngs right now: -boiling water, i know it softens some plastics, i didn't try it yet on scale models -the oven, a bit...
  2. Exarkun77

    Noob airbrush questions

    Here's a pic of what my problem is right now: Some spots appear, and even on the areas that look ok, when i pass my finger on, it's not smooth at all. I am using Tamiya acrylics...
  3. Exarkun77

    Project: Boba Fett's Slave 1 (Fine molds)

    Ok, finally received my kit (ah, some days i love mailmen), a Fine molds Boba fett's Slave 1. Didn't do anything yet, because i need to make decisions first. So i'll try to stay focused, but i've got many ideas, and i'd like the opinion of modelers on what's possible and what's not.
  4. Exarkun77

    Hello from France

    Hi everyone. It looks like the Scale model addict has one more french viewer now ^^. I'm french, i'm an ex (but still) Starwars fan, and just got back into modelling after years without building anything (by the way, sorry if my english is not perfect). I suddenly wanted to build something...