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    My AT ST build

    This is my Bandai AT ST build. This is my first Bandai kit. It will not be my last. This kit went together perfectly. I have never built a model that snaps together, but this one went together like a dream. The only thing I can complain about is the fit is too good. The joints were so tight...
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    1/72 Scale Mobius BSG Viper MKII (lighted)

    This is my 1/72 scale BSG Viper. It is a small model. It has pretty good detail but not as much as the Finemolds or Bandai 1/72 scale models. The cockpit is pretty simple and could stand a little more detail. This kit comes with two complete models. I am going to use the second model with the...
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    1/72 Finemolds Slave1 (lighted)

    I have finally finished my Slave1 build. This is a very large model. I didn't realize how long it would take to build, paint and light. Part of the problem can be attributed to spending far to much time on Arduino micro-controller programming. I started working on the cockpit area. This is a...
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    1/72 Finemolds Naboo Starfighter Lighted.

    Finemolds 1/72 scale Naboo Starfighter build. Of all the builds in this series I have done so far, this one has the best lines. It really looks like it should be the hotrod compared to the other ships in the series. It is very sleek and has very graceful lines. This model comes with a large...
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    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter 1/72 scale Finemolds lighted

    1/72 Scale Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. This is the last of my TIE fighter builds. I am really burnt out from trying to stuff all the small parts into the little round ball of a cockpit. I did my interpretation of the lighted hyperdrive. I didn't weather this model as much as the others, I...
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    Question about Darth Vader's TIE X1 hyper drive engine

    Darth Vader's TIE X1 had a hyper drive engine. Any idea were the exhaust ports or vents are located? I'm planning on lighting this build and need an idea of location. I assume at the back of the rectangle on the back but don't know. Very little reference material on this one. Thanks.
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    Finemolds 1/72 scale TIE Interceptor lighted

    My build of the FINEMOLDS TIE Interceptor. A very detailed little kit. This build was very similar to my TIE fighter build. I did add some additional fiber optics for the lasers on the tips of the panels. I added an additional light to the interior to give a little more of a view of the pilot...
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    1/72 Scale Finemolds TIE Fighter Lighted

    The unmistakable scream of the ion engines and bowtie silhouette make the TIE fighter one of the most recognizable icons of the Star Wars saga. Built cheaply and in quantities they were almost meant to be cannon fodder as they charged forward in waves to overwhelm the enemy. The 1/72 scale...
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    OBI-WAN's ride . 1/72 scale Finemolds Jedi Starfighter.

    1/72 Finemolds Star Wars Jedi Starfighter. This build tested my patience as much as anything I have built lately. This is a small model. Lots of detail and a great deal of masking. Many tight fits on the lighting. I started with the Star Fighter engines. I had to drill holes in the exhaust...
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    Stay on target" 1/72 Fine Molds YWING

    I have always loved the YWING from the Star Wars series, so I decided to build the 1/72 Fine Molds YWING. This is really a little jewel of a model. The detail is fantastic. It has close to 100 parts so it's not exactly an easy build. Trying to get all the little pipes in place requires a little...
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    FINEMOLDS 1-72 XWING pic heavy

    I have always liked the Star war saga, so I decided to start building the space craft. The 1/72 scale seemed appropriate since I am limited on storage space I started with the cockpit. I had to shave down some of the plastic on the instrument panel to get it to transmit light, I created...
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    HULK WIP update

    I posted some photos and a Youtube video at the Hirstarts forum if there is an interest. Thanks
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    Lighted Eldar Crimson Hunter

    This is my first attempt at loading images here, so hopefully it will work. These are images and descriptions of a build I just recently completed. Sorry it's so long. the engine lighting process. I try to wire wrap...
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    I posted a few pic's of my HULK WIP on the Hirst Arts forum if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking.
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    Lighted Valkyrie

    I have posted a video on YOUTUBE of a lighted Imperial Guard Valkyrie if anyone has an interest in GW builds IMPERIAL GUARD VALKYRIE [attachment deleted by admin]