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  1. ScarredKustoms

    1/12 1937 Cord Rat Rod

    Going through my parts box I ran acrossed a bunch of pieces to a 1/12 1937 Cord ... looks like the old AMT kit ... remember I got the model from my mother as parts from someone she knew ... someone else had started it and gave up .... I had started reworking it to make a rat rod but life got in...
  2. ScarredKustoms

    2 years 1 month and 1 day

    :o since I last posted .... I am still alive and kicking and will post new work space(s) soon. Going to try and stick around this time. Welcome all the new people since I've been gone. Glad to see the forum alive and well and the magazine is doing great. (Been watching from the sidelines)
  3. ScarredKustoms

    Back Again ... hopefully to stay

    Yep back ... 1 divorce 2 reloctions and 3 jobs later, I am set back up to do some modeling ... scale modeling that is ...
  4. ScarredKustoms

    Still Kicking!

    Just checking in has been awhile .... feel so outta the loop :-\ Glad to see the contest is going great! Hope to be moved and able to get back to the hobby before winter hits. Planning on taking some time and updating the gallery tonight ;D Hope this message finds you all doing well Roger...
  5. ScarredKustoms

    Taking a break

    To all my friends I have ment here at SMA just wanted to give you all a heads up, that I am forced to take a break from modeling once again. Family obligations and work have taken the forfront. With family moving in I had to empty out my modeling room. Which I am happy to do to help out family...
  6. ScarredKustoms

    Parts Stash

    OK we have seen your man cave/workshop, we have seen your model stash. I was sorting through my stash today and thought "How about showing off your parts stash". I'm sure if you have been modeling for awhile you have one. If your new to the hobby maybe this will give you some ideas of what you...
  7. ScarredKustoms

    Another web find

    Found this while looking for kits for the contest. Thought a few of you may be interested. Might take a drive out there this weekend and pick up a case. Gotta check the fundage. ;)
  8. ScarredKustoms


    Figured I should start a contest questions thread... A lot of questions have been answered on the New Kit thread. Try and consolidate questions. I'll start off by asking a question. This will be the first contest I have entered so I may have more but will try to find an answer before asking...
  9. ScarredKustoms

    E-Bay Find

    Found this on e-bay : Wish I had the $ to bid on it. Great collection...
  10. ScarredKustoms

    Car modelers unite :)

    Ok going through the gallery ... I am noticing that us car/automotive modelers are slacking ... we need to get some builds done. The Armor, Aircraft and Sci-Fi guys are kicking our butts and I'm not gonna take it anymore... you guys with me? .... LOL ;D ;D ;D Seriously though ... there are...
  11. ScarredKustoms

    Contest Video

    Is the contest video loading for everyone else? I was trying to check the video again and it's not loading :'(
  12. ScarredKustoms

    Contest idea brainstorming!

    OK via suggestion of Jingles (Thank you) here is where we can hash out our ideas for the up coming contest. Lets hear them ideas!!
  13. ScarredKustoms


    Just found out a couple days ago, I am going to be a grandfather before I am 40. :-X I just wanted to share my pain. No congratulations needed (thanks anyways)... not entirely happy about the situation ... lol
  14. ScarredKustoms

    Local modeling clubs/groups

    I'm from SE Michigan and am looking for forum members that are interested in starting a group or club. I'm open to how it's set up as far as meetings etc etc. Anyone else have local clubs they belong to or want to start in there area can post here too. Roger
  15. ScarredKustoms

    Rat rod reference pics

    Found a great set of reference pics for us rat rod guys. Actually anyone good weld seams, chipped/faded paint, metal, etc Just was cool all around and thought I would share.
  16. ScarredKustoms

    Just ... just ... just ... WOW

    :o While doing research for the diesel motor I am building I found this and had to clean the drool off my desk. :D Yeah I will be a couple more days on my engine build now. ;D
  17. ScarredKustoms

    "Big Train" Kit Bash [WIP]

    Some of you already know this but I am doing a kit bash of these two kits. 1/32 scale Revell F15 D/E Eagle 1/25 scale AMT Kenworth T600A to make something like this: with a little spice of Calling it "Big Train" after the character that will be driving this beast in graphic novel...
  18. ScarredKustoms


    NO Not quitting modeling. I quit smoking 2 weeks ago after looking at the amount of money I was spending on cigarettes a month I thought that money would be better spent on modeling ;D ;D I just got home from "buying my cigarettes" for the week and came home with 2 bags of new paints ;D ;D Has...
  19. ScarredKustoms

    In over my head?!?

    OK well yesterday was my 8th wedding anniversary and my wife being the wonderful woman she is bought me. This: 1/32 scale Revell F15 D/E Eagle The largest plane kit I've ever owned as many of you may know I have been looking to get a 1/32 scale jet fighter to kit bash with this: 1/25...
  20. ScarredKustoms

    Sopwith Camel WWI Fighter[WIP]

    Work has been super busy lately so I haven't been on here much, but I did get to splurge a little(very little) stopped at the local hobby shop "Prop Shop" while I was out today and picked up 1/72 Scale Sopwith Camel WWI Fighter by Academy for the low price of $4.75. This will be my first...