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  1. nine_d

    U.S.S Enterprie 1701-A

    So it has begun and off to a good start so far going to go crazy with this build testing my skills and my patients on this one this is my 1/350 saucer im doing but not adding to the big spring next to my 1/1000
  2. nine_d


    my 1/1000 sets im going to build all enterprises in that scale im tring to fit all the parts for the nx01 now more light blocking then on to detal ok test fit. ok on too more clamping and stuff
  3. nine_d

    So say we all

    Killer score today at the hobby shop massive man just can't wait to work on her add her to the fleet
  4. nine_d

    viper mkII

    I hope I can get this done be for the dead line I know its been done billions of times but now its my turn
  5. nine_d

    the last jump

    I know shes been done before tons of times but im thinking its my turn any whos ok im going to try to finish this time lights detail and all the battlestar galactica moerbius kit I think when all said and done shell have her back broke and shell never jump again well im going to try this what...
  6. nine_d

    The great experiment nx-2000

    Nx-2000 my friends the great experiment. The excelsior yep that's my next build and my frist light job It's the old EMT kit from 1994 I just hope I can pull it off [attachment deleted by admin]
  7. nine_d

    VF-1D Valkyrie macross

    hope theres some macross robotech fans out there [attachment deleted by admin]
  8. nine_d

    aircraft or sci-fi

    hey guys need help dont know if my vf-1d is sci-fi or aircraft [attachment deleted by admin]
  9. nine_d

    need help

    hey all want to do some building this weekend have two cool kits but dont know which one to start can you guys pick for me the cyclone or millia's vf-1j thanks [attachment deleted by admin]
  10. nine_d

    oi oi to all

    hey all im new well kinda just finding my way around here just cant wait to share and get good tips from the pros here
  11. nine_d

    macross and robotech

    hey all just just got in make a bunch of old and new macros and robotech kits thinking about whats in the box vids dont know have a ton of work to do and would love tips and tricks if any one has any skills on this topic thanks