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  1. RickyE

    Pin washing help?

    I have recently started trying to learn how to pin wash the models I build. I bought some cheap oil base paints and mineral spirits from Walmart to help get me started. Well I mixed black paint with the MS and it turned gray. Is that normal? Could someone help me to better understand how to...
  2. RickyE

    M1A1 Abrams "Iraq 2003" 1/35 scale

    This will be my 3rd build in all and my first contest entry. Good luck guys!!
  3. RickyE

    M1A1 Abrams Tank "Iraq 2003"

    This is the kit I am about to start on this coming up weekend. I would have started on it sooner but I'm waiting on my Vallejo military paint set to come that I ordered the other day.
  4. RickyE

    Panther Tank 1/35 Sd.kfz.171 Ausf. A

    This will be my second model build so I am going to try and take my time on this one. I just opened the box.
  5. RickyE

    German Hanomag Sdkfz251/1

    This is my very first build in years. I have been working on it since yesterday and still have some work left to do on it. I may have went over board with the chipping and I also forgot to do the camo pattern before the chipping so I just left it like This kit came with some figures...
  6. RickyE

    DIY Spray Booth Ventilation Concerns

    I have been watching various videos on YouTube regarding DIY spray booths. I have done some research about the fans people are using and I must say I have some concern. I for one do not have the funds to purchase the expensive items you really need. I have purchased a 58 quart clear plastic...
  7. RickyE

    Paint brand options

    I am just now getting back into building models and I am confused on what brand paint I should use. I remember as a kid using Testors paint because that was all we could afford and quite frankly, I am still needing to buy a paint brand that is affordable for me. My friend just gave me a airbrush...
  8. RickyE

    A Southern hello

    Hello everyone. Watching a video on you tube about scale models brought me to this site and I have to say, there is good information on here. I built model kits as a kid but I got away from them over the years. I am just now getting back into it. I have not even purchased my first model kit as...