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  1. gallstone

    novice question about base-coats/primer

    I have a question about base-coats. I was working on a some armor and I put a base coat of black Vallejo on it. And then (after it had dried) put a couple of coats of Tamiya acrylic paint on it (out of a spray can, don't have an AB yet). Then I put on a coat of clear (I think it was umbroll)...
  2. gallstone

    Tamiya Weathering Stick?

    This might have been covered in the forum already, but I couldn't find where, so forgive me if I'm (maybe) boring some of you with this same topic yet again, but... I came across these Weathering Sticks by Tamiya in my local hobby store and I was wondering if any of you had any experience in...
  3. gallstone

    New guy from the Netherlands

    Hey all, I'm a 37 year old farther-husband-graphic designer from Amsterdam in the Netherlands After not having built anything for a good 8 years (mainly classic cars) and I recently started tentatively building again. Slightly more challenging models this time. I seem to have lost some of the...