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  1. Daf57

    Ma.k Pigs in the Kitchen!

    Hi, Having some fun with one of the Suzi-Syndicate kits! Pigs (buta) in the Kitchen! Thanks for looking! :) Daf
  2. Daf57

    Wave Rally Pawn Diorama

    Hi, This is my version of the new Wave Rally Pawn. Cool kit! The base is the MSG Hobby Base kit ( Thank you for looking! :) Daf
  3. Daf57

    Ma.k Skinhead

    Hey guys! Wanted to try my hand at a Maschinen Krieger Skinhead and did so - I think it came out okay, the next one will be better! Thanks to Futch for the needed bits! Comments and suggestions/advice always welcome! Thanks! Daf
  4. Daf57

    Ma.k Snake-Eye with Attitude

    Hi all, Just finished this one up ... comments and suggestions welcome, of course. :) Thanks!
  5. Daf57

    Industria Mechanica wants opinion on 1/20 items

    Michael ( is asking, through his Industria Mechanica facebook page, for opinions on whether there would be any interest in 1/20 scale castings. Please go over and let him know we are definitely interested!! ;)
  6. Daf57

    Kotobukiya M.S.G. Weapon Sizes

    Hey guys, What scale or size are the Kotobukiya M.S.G. Weapons - I've seen them on Ebay and would like to use but not sure what size they are. I'm thinking of possible use with the 1/20 ma.k figures. Here's an example...
  7. Daf57

    Neuspotter Assembly Instructions

    Hello! A work buddy recently gave me several ma.k kits, in various stages of assembly, he was no longer interested in. Cool! ;D One of these is the Nitto Neuspotter - but the decals and instructions are missing in action. I did some test fitting and may be able to wing it but would like to see...
  8. Daf57

    K4 Paints and Weathering Products

    Hey guys! Hey, ran across an article that mentioned K4 paint and washes out of South America - I remember reading about that a couple of years ago. What ever happened with that company? Are they still selling product? I couldn't find any info on the web. If they are still out there - anyone...
  9. Daf57

    Need some color help, please.

    Hey guys! Picked up a Bandai Missile Phalanx kit. Wondering what color it is? See photo below. Any guesses to the best match?Some sort of tan I suspect. Thanks! Daf
  10. Daf57

    The Weathering Magazine

    I know I'm late to the party :P - but I would like to have a few of the The Weathering Magazine issues. Does anyone know of a US source for these? I found some Euro sources but the shipping exceeds the magazine cost unfortunately. I'm mostly interested in the Rust, Chipping and Engine Oil...
  11. Daf57

    So what's out there similar to Ma.K?

    Hey guys! So I've really gotten hooked on the Ma.K models!! I guess at this moment in time I'm more about robots and such than cars and planes. They are so well done and enjoyable to build. Got kits piling up. :D So what other model kits are out there that are similar to Ma.K subject matter...
  12. Daf57

    Mixing up some caution

    Hey all! Before I waste any more paint ... my paint mixing skills are weak. Please suggest some ways to achieve the yellow below. I'm assuming yellow as a base, then I've tried mixing in some brown, orange, gold - but it just never pops in. Anyone ever mixed up their own warning yellow? Any...
  13. Daf57

    Vallejo Black Shade Wash ... dries gray?

    Wanted to try the Vallejo washes, got a chance last night. Applied some of the black wash, somewhat heavily, to well cured enamel paint in the recesses of a pickup firewall. Woke up this morning and in the deepest recesses (most wash) it's turned a light gray ... not the black wash I was...
  14. Daf57

    filters and washes - what's the difference?

    Filters and washes - what's the difference? "Filters" are new to me - what exactly is a filter and/or how does it differ from a wash? Thanks Daf
  15. Daf57

    AK Interactive Washes - which are best for automotive?

    Hi all, I'd like to try the AK weathering products - but as I look through their product line I'm getting a bit overwhelmed (they appear to be geared toward armor) by all the different washes. So you guys that use them ... which washes or sets would you recommend as a good "starter" set for...
  16. Daf57

    Small Styrene Domes or Hemispheres

    Hi all - I'm new to scratch building and had a question as I start a little project. I see that between Evergreen and Plastruct we got sheets, tubes, different shapes of rods ... but what if a ball, hemisphere or dome shape is needed? Is there a source for difference sized styrene hemispheres or...
  17. Daf57

    Hello from East Texas!

    Hello from East Texas! ;D Been modeling on and off since mid 60s. Keep putting it down for a spell then picking it back up - spent a lot of money over the years restocking, that's for sure! Anyway, the advantage these days is the internet and the cool forums like this one. Hope I can...